Too many minerals in ship and now can't unload them

Well, somehow when I split a fleet, all the minerals went to one ship even though it didn’t have the capacity for them. Now, I can’t unload them… kind of stuck. Help!!! @joe

Well, found a solution myself… I merged the ship with another fleet (with no cargo)… so that the minerals were now under the limit for the entire fleet. It then let me offload then on planet.

Still a quirky bug.

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That’s an old bug and the solution. It can also happen with troops and people being transported. But we have a new way to unload them with the ship bunkers as a fix because they automatically unload.

Thanks for reporting it. It’s been happening for some time but will get fixed eventually. I managed to reproduce it once, but couldn’t determine the exact trigger to be about to reproduce it again. If anyone finds out exactly how to trigger it please let me know.