To Develop Structure Upgrade System

as mechanics of upgrades is … is alike real, …
but there can be make the improvements :
number 1 : make separate queue for structures upgrade as each structure requires special survey about population or else factors … same for ship building queue(if i build some ships & later wanna cut off to build some 1 or two - system stopping build current ship & starts build another if one or more ships are cut from queue, … maybe it shall be selective in some settings;
another point & almost same number 2:

in current variation - upgrading research center, 1 science point is down as building gets offline & making upgrade, … okay …
then adding another Lab in thinking - after 1st will done 2nd gonna take its place & 1 science point gonna be down, as waiting in queue - no need offline Lab, … so … next image showing the opposite of scientific intellect :
[picture number 2 later as not possible for new users - another crap]
:hot_face: science point is taken away, science center merges & mess with currently upgrading, not possible to take away 2nd lab as it merged, & if do it - current progress gonna be lost & it gonna start 2nd added lab, …
so, separate queue … & waiting in queue Lab or structure shall not get offline, it’s just impossible this :face_vomiting:

*some points can be more developed & added … o/

pic number 2