To add some color?


Good day. Against the background of numerous requests for bug fixes or the introduction of the necessary functionality, I would like to know how you think the game looks visually? Do not you think that the level of illumination in star systems is insufficient, and could be a couple of tones brighter?


They went brighter once. It destroyed monitors and caused blindness. It was not a fun time. :rofl:


My eyes still hurt.

Space should be dark. Adding more detail to planets would be cool, especially adding more things like lights and low orbit travel as planets become more densely populated. Adding some additional lighting to the fleet placement might be helpful, but not needed.


Yes, certainly. On the one hand space is black, but on the other there are stars and galaxies, and if during the day you have to close the curtains to see something on the monitor, then this is a problem )


They turned them up.


They turned it down.

We said “This is still face meltingly high” lol

They turned it down, again, a lot.

We said “Oh thank you, we can now see enough to work again, but those twin stars are still so bright that some people die when they enter those systems”

And finally those were fixed as well, LOL

I currently have my monitor on 0 brightness, and its still a little bright for me, personally. However this is where most people felt the brightness should be. IF they added in settings to change it for each person individually, that would be good.


It’s not about the monitor. I have a good monitor )) Just the graphics so. The stars are shining too dim, the planets are not illuminated properly. Too much black.


Here is compare to example. It is also a space and it’s black. However, all the planets are clearly visible and sufficiently illuminated. The same goes for fleets.