Tips & Tricks Ultimate List

Hover for help

If you’re not sure what a number means or what something does, try mousing over it. Many panels and buttons in the game have helpful tool-tips.

Hiding debug info

After a bug report, you always find your UI now displays infos you often don’t care about. If you dislike that you don’t have to alt-F4 and restart the game : press the console key (Azerty = ù, qwerty = ` (back-tick) and type “hide_debug_info”.

Take surface resources from planets

Always harvest surface resources when colonising a new system - they will help you build more quickly, and it ensures they can’t be stolen by other players!

Take planets

The single best thing you can do to grow your population and empire is to take another planet, just be sure to take the good ones. More planets means faster overall population growth, more potential resources and less need for structure upgrades early on, but does mean that more space needs defending.

Be weary of other players when colonizing a planet in a system

Don’t colonise planets in systems where other players are already established, as they will have an easy base from which to attack and capture your new planet. Make sure to scout beforehand.

Keep an eye out for other players

Keep an eye on your scanners - new players and veterans inhabit the same galaxy, who can easily destroy newbies if they’re so inclined. (read more)

Keep the population growing

Make sure your population can keep growing throughout long builds. IE do not say start a shipyard upgrade if you are nearing your Population cap. Build a farm first so you don’t waste growth time.

Labour shortage and unemployment tolerance

Each civilization has a certain tolerance for a labour shortage and unemployment - do not be afraid to make use of this to get structures built more quickly.

Defend all of your planets

Make sure to build and improve the defences of all the planets you control, not just your home world.

Try not to stockpile Credits

Unless you’re saving for something big, money in the bank is money not being used to make yourself stronge

Leverage city centers and large populations to boost growth and income

City centers can be built on planets with large populations - and ideally a second population that can thrive under the same environment as your civ - to generate huge incomes and population growth rates (and colonists can be transferred to other colonies to boost their population levels).

When upgrading buildings

Buildings go offline while they are upgrading, so try to upgrade different types at the same time to avoid issues. For example, when upgrading entertainmen center also queue mine upgrades behind it to balance happiness.

You can also queue up deconstruction and then cancel it to get around some issues, such as not having enough population to build more farms, just don’t forget to cancel when it’s time. This can be done ad infinitem by starting a second deconstruction and then canceling the first before the time runs out.

Fleet speed indicators

The arrow that indicates the direction a fleet is travelling also indicates how fast it’s going. The length of the arrow indicates how far the fleet will travel in one hour, so a long arrow means a fast moving fleet.

Before upgrading a ship

Make a habit Unload all its Fuel Ammo ,troops/Personnel & Cargo. If the upgrade has different and values in any of these things the goods may be lost when the upgrade completes.

Salvage resources from battle wreckage

Always make sure to salvage resources after defeating Pirates (or any other fleet).

Fun facts about drop (jettison) pods:

Share and Share alike
If you put a single drop pod (jettison pod) into the orbit of a planet. ALL Ships in that orbit can use it to swap materials as long as they share that orbit. They do not need to be confusingly stacked in the exact spot of the pod as you might have to in open space.

The LOOT aholic
Drop Pods can be used to hold raided res until your main cargo fleet arrives. They last for a couple of days so are a decent investment at 400 Farsu each. This means you can have a single raiding fleet in orbit raiding EVERY HOUR and unloading to the Pod and raiding again.

Loot or BURN:
If you leave a drop pod in orbit of an empty planet you can suck all the res of that planet into the pod which will eventually dissipate into space. Whole systems can be thus “sterilised” by a single scout making a “Firebreak” about your core area. Obviously try and recover what you can, but this tactic could also cause considerable distraction if you get a corvette group into a foes rear sectors…

Naming conventions

Your empire grows, your fleet number grow, you start to get a bit lost?

Use naming conventions for fleets and sort the fleet’s galactic view by name, this will let you see fleets that need your attention in a convenient way. Put a “z” in front of fleets not meant to move everytime (like battleships guarding an area or fleets awaiting another to resume moving), “x” for ones you only have to check from time to time (like long cycle asteroid miners).


Got any tips and tricks? Post them below and they’ll be added to the list above (once added, the post will be deleted).

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