Time for ships to stop mining doesn't account for asteroid field size

I had 7 mining ships in a fleet, all 7 have 2 of the highest level mining module that mine at 14,400/h
I sent this fleet that should mine at 201,600/h based on the miners, or 100,800/h if only 1 module can work per ship to mine a farsu deposit of only 22,000.
Estimated time of completion is just over 1h35m, instead of 6 or 12 minutes.

Either the timer is wrong and displaying for only 1 module, or the mining action is only activating 1 module instead of all relevant modules in the fleet. If this is intended which is quite possible, I believe that should be added to the tooltip for the mining modules for user clarity.

After the discussion below, we’ve got the problem down to the timer that is used on the mining job.
The timer doesn’t account for the size of the asteroid field, and because the field and the ships won’t update their inventories until after that timer runs out, it appears as though you are mining at a much slower rate than you are. To benefit from multiple mining modules, you have to manually stop the job to allow for an update.

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Only the flagship mine modules counted? Not tested that myself.

It cant be that most of my system scavengers have one Mining mod on a random ship almost never the Flag. They work OK. Gonna make a high speed mining scout and try this …

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Even if it only turned on the flagship modules, I should have mined the deposit in less than an hour as the flagship had 2 of those modules. So it is really dependant on how the mining modules work. I think that it just only activates 1 module, and it isn’t dependant on which ship has it.

Guess I should have put that differently, I have not tested it in pre beta. I definitely had T55 battleships as flags for huge mining fleets that worked. Pretty sure times stacked and mining speed improved.

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well, since then I split most of the ships up and sent them on their way.
I left 2 individual ships to both mine the same deposit, the timers on mining stuck to as if only 1 module was working. So both ships had a 1h30 timer, but both were still extracting resources.

I just went back to test something else and stopped both ships mining at the 30 minutes remaining mark. They had been mining for an hour which was way longer than the asteroid field should have lasted. As soon as I had stopped both mining, the field popped out of existence. So the field stayed there even though it was empty because there was an ongoing mining job, even though all the resources had been extracted

I confirmed that I only got what the asteroid field originally had.

right so, with the below test I’ve confirmed that mining speed is actually correct, BUT, the mining job time is incorrect, and I’m waiting to see but I suspect that it’ll keep my fleet busy for over an hour even though it only takes about 15 minutes to gather the remaining resources.

For some reason it just sets a job time, and you don’t get any resources until the job is interrupted or ends. The amount of resources you get is correct based on your mining modules, but the job time is incorrect, which may have knock on effects for how long your fleet is mining an empty asteroid field

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Right the bug is the timer that is shown is for the time to fill the ship fully. If the ship can hold 20,000 and the field is 10,000 you still see the time to mine 20,000. And the minefield only disperses after you interact with it or relog.

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and the ships will keep mining until that timer runs out, the asteroid field won’t update the values of what remains in the field until the job ends, so you can easily think your ship is still mining long after it should have completed.

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Off the old bug tracker list.

So its returned bug? I think there have been a few of those thus far. I wonder if that means they are reusing older code??

Not sure it was ever fixed tbh.

My test confirms this. I can also say with certainty 2 Mining systems combined in actual speed but the timer was based on the output of one of them. When I manually stopped it half way through the timer the Asteroids vanished completely extracted.

Thanks to you all for piecing this together, I’ll get the devs to take a look.

I think the issue mentioned above is something else - that the fleet’s cargo status doesn’t update in real time (it updates only after mining stops). Maybe this issue was introduced in the 0.97 patch when a separate bug related to asteroid mining was fixed…