This game needs Large Energy Weapons

As it is, all large weapons are kinetic analogues and don’t synergise well with energy weapons. Even the “Large Energy weapon”, aka Fighters, bypasses shields, causing a split in the damage dealt. We need an energy weapon that can contribute its firepower to other energy weapons like Plasma Cannons and Armourbanes to bring down shields quickly so all the other weapons can work their magic on the hull instead of having half the damage hit the hull while the other half drains the shields without bringing it down.

Some Heavy Plasma Cannons or Energy Torpedoes should do the trick.

Another possible weapons suggestion would be Kinetic guns that do shield damage. They would alleviate the need for a lot of generators on a ship and can mix well with armourbanes so ships can use the “free” energy from the engines for energy weapons then use ammo based weapons once that is used up instead of being forced to go 100% energy or 100% kinetic.

Not sure if the reverse is a good idea though, an energy weapon that can ignore shields is like a weapon with all the advantages (infinite ammo, shield piercing) and none of the downsides, but IMO there is a niche for kinetic weapons that can hit shields as partners to energy weapons.

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large energy weapons already exist, with art made for them. Just for some reason they never released them. My understanding is they were meant to be released months ago, and where announced to be released


Those Plasma Shells will be added in the next patch or two - we were discussing them this week :slight_smile:


Although I have to say, the wiki numbers look ridiculous. 19.92 DPS with a 2400 radius? Nobody would make anything else.

I’m still a bit dubious over the current AE weapons. The SML-B (AOE torpedo) is the most powerful weapon in the game if you can hit 5 ships with it, which, at 1700 radius, is almost impossible to arrange a fleet to avoid.

I don’t want ship combat to devolve into two fleets of nothing but AOE battleships. Fortunately, armor bane keeps them guessing somewhat and direct fire frigates are cost effective even when they lose but those plasma stats will have to change or there will be no beating them except with an identical fleet.


Their config will be looked at properly when they’re added (those stats were added a long time ago).

If the majority of players have similar concerns we can start a discussion on it?

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We need to discuss a complete overhaul of fleet strategy, fleet / amanda interaction, battle fleet interaction / reinforcements / retreat. Plus fleet battle times versus construction times / resources.

I’m currently working on a complete document for this for review. As well as the Economic overview that I already posted. Which I hope you reviewed.