This game is something special

I have been gaming for many years and it has been a long time that a game has held my interest more than 100-200 hours but I have now restarted twice and sunk about 250 hours into the game and I am still enjoying myself and feel I have just scratched the surface for the potential there is in this game for PvP, PvE and even roleplaying. It strongly reminds me of early stages of Eve with focus on PvP but sandbox potential for anything.

So kudos to the devs and keep up the good work!

I am wondering though about the payment model. This is an online game and a one time fee does not seem enough to keep it going. So have there been talks about monthly fee or DLCs or maybe just buying cosmetic stuff such as being able to color your ships or new ship models. All would be great imo but being an old-timer I would prefer the antiquated monthly fee.


I believe it has been decided that the game would be a one time monthly fee when it goes live, with optional microtransactions.

one time monthly fee? what does that mean? You can have a one time fee, or a monthly subscription fee, but one time monthly fee sounds a bit contradictory

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Everybody loves a one off payment system, but I also worry that this wont support the development required to get the game to release. However, I know nothing about the business model, and finances behind the game, just hope they are getting it right.
Also feel, with the amount of hours I have put in, despite all the dramas, and issues, that it was a bargain price.

Yes, sorry, I was in a rush. What I meant was that it’s not supposed to be a per galaxy subscription, at least not right away. From what I can remember, and I dont remember it very well, the basic subscription would get you into 3 galaxies, while more advanced memberships might get you personal galaxies (ones you designed and made rules for I guess? Private or public options maybe). From what I can remember, the devs are more focused on the game itself and will work from there.

I remember it being a yearly fee
That gives access to 3 galaxies
If you want more galaxies you’d have to pay extra

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