Thing's That Go B00M!


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what is this?

A broken gif…

is it supposed to be an animated gif?

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Yes, working version in the corvettes (Don’t) needs nerfing post.

The gif version was made after this was all ready posted.

This gif can deceive newbies. They will think that PR is worth to play while Riphee are weak. So I recommend to do something and blow the ships from the left side.

Ok @Pepelekus I had been having trouble with being able to produce the full version from mp4 to gif. But here you go I suceeded.

And just to poke your interest it was 5 Pilgrim ships up against a full Ripchee corvette fleet. The two Solaris Destroyers survived. Plus it shows up a bit small here on the forum. So if you want to see it larger here :

What I can’t understand is WHY the Stallions? Stallions have a length of 450, Solaris a length of 500. If you have two Solaris side by side in the back, can you not get another two side by side in the front? With Hellfire Solaris in the front line I doubt that you would lose more than one of them.

But even using such a fleet would only be for attacking another fleet from cloak or within a minefield. A bigger question is WHY would not just attack Sabers with a bigger full fleet of 7, 10 or more warships. You can’t catch them with lower warp units anyway so the only way is to catch them offline. In which case you’d just use a bigger fleet.’

If you’re using cloak, bring in several cloaked groups of Solaris, de-cloak and combine them just before attacking. Much better ratios.

The only real practical use for such a formation is for fighting in a minefield with a sweeper vette. Which, as I pointed out before in the original thread, is where the PR vette flag of 5 gives them a leg up on the Syntis in minefields where the Syntis still only have a flog of 4.

Yare yare daze…

  1. Why in th hell 9/4 sabers will atack useless destroyers? This is pointless. They have plenty of other ways to use. For example to kill ur PR’s 9/4 fleets.

2)Sabers are powerfull because of their warp 9 as interseptors of another warp 9 and as logistic ships. Of course they are nothing but cannon fodder when player is offline. Or as sweepers on speed servers (because server answer is slow enough to don’t let ur detecting ship to see how invisible fleet. go out of system at warp 7 and intersept ur sabers). Actually even at normal server sitting and monitor (to don’t let catch them with 1/7 or 3/5 fleets) how field sweeping for 2 hours is a great test to ur patience and making them near to useless as sweepers here too.

3)PR’s dread + anything will die against Ripchee’s dread+17lightingBS because of cat’s shield and 4large slots on BS.

  1. 8 sabers is the full Ripchee corvette fleet? Really?
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Why the Stallions they are cheaper to lose and replace. Plus yes the fleet was cloaked. Plus I didn’t have to uncloak to reset the fleets plus in doing that any way do you think you really have time to making sure the formation is correct that all your Solaris’s would have line of fire. The point is the fleet was smaller then his and pact more of a punch for resource and credit value. Plus those Stallions were setup to shield the two Solaris’s. And no four Solaris’s will not fit in that setup there footprint which is the circle under neath your ship is actually two large for four Solaris. You can only fit 3 PR Solaris’s in a triangular formation. The stallions footprint is smaller and are able to sit in front of the vette.