Things Done Right

I think my complaint list is largely the same as everyone else’s but I see less chatter about game mechanics that are especially good ideas (and therefore should only be changed with great caution).

Free Warp vs Fast Warp
This is probably the game’s best idea. I really love how this places strong limits on invasions and scouting. At home or within the confines of a well defined mission, you can zip about, burning all the fuel you want. But a deep dive into enemy territory means lots of fuel. Or else you drive slow and they may see you coming from literally days away, having all that time to consolidate a defense force to beat you with.

It really addresses one of the big problems with the genre, which is how much stuff can happen to you while you’re offline. The fuel system limits how far and how fast an invader can start wrecking your stuff before you have a chance to react. (Extra true if you take the time to suck up all the loose fuel in your systems and store it on your planets. That way, enemies will run out of gas if they didn’t bring troops to steal fuel with.)

Invasions take time
This is another good “slow down” aspect to the game, especially if you keep a strong troop presence on your planets. What you DON’T want is for an enemy to bring 5 troop ships and sack 5 planets at the same time, rolling your empire back rapidly. Even that takes time, since invasions take time, but if you have a strong troop presence and really make them work for the planets they get, then you can really slow down someone trying to roll you up. As with the fuel system, this is all about giving you time to react after an invader has had 16+ hours of you being offline to cause damage. You’re more likely to log in and find out you lost a planet or two and less likely to log in and find out you lost 10 planets.

Troops taking a while to build up, high cost of moving them around and bombardment costing a lot of resources all plays into this same “slow down”, which is a necessary component for this type of game.

No input into battles
I see people list this as a complaint but I’m going to list it as a critical aspect for success. We could talk a lot about making battles more interesting and adding scripted actions but it’s important that they auto-resolve. Again this is about online vs offline competitiveness. The online player already has a sizable advantage over an offline player, and the fact that neither player has an ability to offer input into a running fight is important.


6 ressources :

  • Beron, for planetary buildings.
  • Farsu, for ship building.
  • Limbalt; for ammo.
  • Ziryl, the “rare” one, used mostly in ships.
  • Olzine, for fuel.
  • Credits,'cause, money!

Mankind had… A hundred maybe? Beyond protocol way more than a hundred and invented “the alloy hell”.

This system is more reliable, less micro management, more robust, easy to understand.


I’m so happy to see a “Things Done Right” thread. :slightly_smiling_face: Because there are THINGS DONE RIGHT in this game and especially troops and invasions has went a long way.

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I mostly agree with your points, but I honestly think that warp 1 and warp 2 should be faster.

They are .5 and 1 ly respectively per hour, I think they should be .75 and 1.5, this doesn’t really hurt what you said at all, and speeds up that early game quite a bit.

@Arn I think that we are on the border there. I think we actually need more resources, rarer resources that require less micro, but are uncommon/rare enough that you really want to try and get it when you have access to it, and can be incorporated very easily.

I had a robust idea about making rare deposits of the “heavy” version of each resource, you could only access these resources when you start to deep mine, and RNG is a huge factor based on how rich the actual resource is on that planet (Beron at 98% would produce several of this resource when the RNG procced during deep mining).

Then with asteroid fields, I suggested we have points of interest that look like systems, but where asteroid fields spawn, and these rare resources could very rarely spawn there. Gives us something to fight over.

And instead of hardcore micro, the extra resources aren’t needing for anything, they just enhance what you already have. Heavy Beron I believe could be used to make enhanced versions of buldings giving them a bonus, Heavy Farsu increased the armor value of ships you produced, Heavy Limbalt when loaded increased your damage percentage, Heavy Ziryl enhanced shields, while Heavy Olizine burned way more efficient.

I would say a list of things that I think are done right:

  • The way systems are setup, they are setup in a cool way that they add to exploration, strategy, and bring some depth to choice.
  • Planets are very cool, with landmass/water ratios, temperatures, and size all adding up for depth as well.
  • Radar system is really cool, I like the idea that we know things are out there, but we don’t quite know what it is until we have better sensors in that area.
  • The UI has heavily improved and presents us with a lot of good information without having to click every where.
  • The basic level of exploring can be fun, needs to be more robust of course, but what we have works for now.
  • Minor factions are really cool, add a lot to the game.

Just off the top of my head.


I have to admit this is one of my favourite things in the game. Despite some dissatisfaction in the way fights are conducted the principle that one player may send a battle-group out and they and thier opposition then fight according to pre defined orders is a very good feature indeed.
It levels the playing field between on and offline players. I would only hope that further options (& their logical counters) be added to the instructions we can give our fleets, as Development time allows.

I also very much like the quartet of races we have. They do have aspects of distinctness and again as time goes by I expect they will be more clearly distinct from each other. I cant wait to see what the next player race will be! Perhaps right now it occasionally feels “Organics Vs the Syntis” But I believe that’s temporary, given time I expect the racial flavour will become more pronounced to the games general enrichment.

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