They're dead, Joe

Just because I haven’t seen anyone else post… the servers are down. “For maintenance” is great, but unscheduled and unannounced.

Hopefully someone wakes up soon to kick the hamsters.



I am reasonably certain that is just a generic label you get regardless of maintenance or connectivity issues. I suspect the instances have hard failed and that the Dev and Project leads are East of UTC and probably sleeping. It is also unlikely they have any service monitoring system in place. Let’s hope someone notices soon or my felines are going to die on the planet I recently colonized.


Loopzilla posted about 1:45 ago (an hour and 45 minutes ago) in the discord chat, I just hadn’t looked at it. They’re working on it.

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Well it’s good to know at least someone is aware there is an issue.

The game was dead anyways, how else are they going to fix it. It was reported elsewere here and on discord.

Thank you for reading the whole thread and then replying.

Oh wait, that’s not what you did.

Almost 3 hours later, we wait.

From what I was seeing from just before they pulled the server offline there was something serious going on. Could take awhile to fix.

Correct lol


Yes, the downtime last night wasn’t planned despite what that automatic message said, sorry about that: