The War is Over

Our war is over, we ended it. Both Emarel and I have reset. Either our opponent is using exploits (I’ll explain a few below) or there are some serious bugs that seem to only occur with this one player, as I don’t recall seeing them mentioned before (unless it was done privately, if they have please speak up, I don’t want to unjustly accuse someone of using such exploits). There was no use continuing. I will return and try a new galaxy in the future after these issues have been investigated and corrected and there is alliance features.

  1. In the skirmish of the past 2 hours, I entered the orbit of the planet where our opponent had 16 ship fleet. I had targeted it to attack, was following it and it disappeared in orbit while I was in the same orbit of the same planet.

  2. Similar to the above, there was a cloaked fleet that I followed into orbit, with a CD on, it did not leave, but when I landed in orbit, the fleet was now outside of the system.

  3. Also in the skirmish of today, while in orbit, after having added ordinance to my fleet, I could not target the fleet. The only option I was given was move to position.

  4. Continued problems with this player’s minefields triggering client errors.

  5. A previous battle at this player’s system had 3 client errors occur requiring me to re-log each time.


Thats a lot of BUGS!!!

if your opponent can exploit anything then it needs to be reported as a BUG…

A bug is something/outcome that was not programmed intentionally by the developers… a good catch all I think.

I feel your frustration bug lead us to call off a war, the idea is that we test and report bugs… they fix them we continue but many of the bugs and problems we reported in April were still present until recently and some remain. Its tough with two developers to fix and create at the same time. I would of preferred for you to agree a halt with your enemy and resume when bugs are fixed. But I do understand and maybe we let the devs just finish alliance features and anything else they havent told us about :smiley:

Then we resolve the bugs in the next iteration.

If we had felt a “truce” was possible, we might have considered that, but we tried that before so that Emarel and I could participate in the Skirmish server and it didn’t last 12 hours before another incident provoked our return to the war. Not to mention earlier our opponent had made a racial slur at one of us. We were both fed up.

I wasn’t sure how to report this. Some of my concerns were voiced to @joe privately, before the system was taken down for the long maintenance, since I was concerned it was a possible exploit, 1 & 3 on my list were new in the last two hours of our play. The response I received from my initial report to Joe privately was that a “broken” fleet was found in the vicinity with no player associated with it. How this occurred has yet to be explained as I heard nothing further about it.

I’m hopeful that they’ll continue to search for the source of the problem, be it an actual “bug” or “exploit” and find a way to prevent it from the next new server, as well as introduce some basic alliance features.

Simply put anyone found using cheats or exploits should be banned from game testing if they are not reporting whats found to the devs. If they don’t play fair in an alpha they won’t on a live server the majority of the time either. @joe


We were looking into these and some other related issues over the last week and didn’t find anything inexplicable:

1 and 2 both look related to the same issue we found. The rates at which scanners refresh in a system aren’t frequent enough right now which can lead to a 15 second window of invisibility.

For example, another player’s fleet is in orbit of a planet and you don’t have a fleet in orbit of that planet so it’s invisible to you. As your fleet moves to orbit the other player’s fleet begins to leave - still invisible to you. That fleet will remain invisible to you until the next scanner refresh which could be in 15 seconds, which is long enough for a fleet to leave before ever being seen. So we need to eliminate that 15 second window.

There could also be a bug related to a cloaked fleet entering and leaving orbit while a cloak detector is on so we’re checking that too.

3 and 4 we haven’t been able to reproduce so far. I saw reports elsewhere that viewing yours and other player’s minefields after each other frequently triggered errors, but haven’t seen this happen in any of my testing so far. For 5. we did find a fleet in a bad state in that area that likely triggered those errors, and there’s a possibility that it’s linked to the minefield issues from point 4.

If we fix anything related to these points in a patch I’ll make it clear in the release notes. Thanks for putting these details together, it’s appreciated.

It was previously visible in orbit while I was in the same orbit. It went invisible after I was in orbit with it and had targeted it there and on #1 it never left orbit but still went invisible. Might still be related, I don’t know, but I wanted to clarify that it had been visible while we were in the same orbit of the same planet and it had been targeted.

Thanks for clarifying. I’m going to run some more tests on orbit visibility between two players (including cloaked) to see if I can reproduce anything.

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