The top 200 in charts


Both charts have a trendline to highlight the snowball effect, the difference between the top player and the 25th is greater then the difference between the bottom and the 26th player for both charts, this highlights why i chose to examine the top 20 in my previous post as it contains the vast majority of the change between ranks.

There are some noted glitches with some players not showing up in the ranking however this is a largely minior error in the data. The general trends presented prior still exist within this data.

I plan to conduct an in depth survey to gather data about species choice and other such information in the future.


I think getting the race of each is important, but there are a lot of factors. Player start date, activity, starting system stats, etc. Also, players may differ in style, and how that relates to ranking. Rapidly colonizing as many planets as you can might give a massive boost to leaderboard rank, but you might be spread too thin to defend.

Also, are you tracking how people have moved? I think I’ve jumped from 50ish to 30ish in a day or two on the Industrialist board.

I do hope that the devs are tracking these stats with an eye to balance. If 50% of the top 20 are one race then it might suggest that things are slanted in favor of that race.


From talking with people i believe that most of the top players are synthis, their race favours a general strategy of building wide which allows for early rapid growth and their ground combat advantage provides a good natural defence but their restrictive maximum colony count will be a major factor in the future. I believe mankind to be the better specie long term based on several factors.


Just from looking at the top 20 I see

5 Human players, 5 Syntis players, 5 Pr players, and 1 Ripchee. I don’t know what the other 4 people are off the top of my head. I think the top 20 is much more rounded than you suspect.

Top 10 > 4 Human, 4 Syntis, 1 PR, 1 Ripchee

But again, we are looking at these numbers with roughly 20-25% of people not even on the list…


Looking at it long term I believe synthis have a disadvantage, humans and ripchee have the massive advantage of being able to set tax rate and build entertainment centers.

If they do not give synthis a happyness building I do not see how they could ever invade a human or ripchee player with their heavy corruption and limited number of colonies. They seem designed for a tall style empire but are typically being played as a wide empire.


Welp, a couple of things.

They can take planets that already have infrastructure including ECs.Two, they only have 36 slots, probably wouldn’t waste it on taking people’s planets. Three there is the storm weapons.

Maybe they do need something, however, I have to disagree they have the long term disadvantage, we don’t have even data for that, people haven’t full hit walls/built up planets yet.

Plus there are other factors, like combat, and their strength values, and 90% landmass values.


One other thing to keep in mind when looking at the split between races is what the selection rate is. For example, if 75% of the player base is Human then they are actually underrepresented in the top 20. If Ripchee makes up 25% of the players then they’re also under represented.

Then there’s the much discussed difference in how each race is used. Syntis might be stronger to start based on the need for colony expansion. I’m guessing we haven’t seen much in the way of big fleet battles or planetary assaults yet, and when those start happening I would expect that the skew the numbers.


Indeed, totally agree here.