The South-Eastern Quadrant Defense Pact

Any Alliances with a significant presence in the South-Eastern Quadrant (SEQ) (whether it is a scant few powerful players, or a large contingent of weaker ones) is encouraged to contact Icefox on Discord at Icefox#3407 for the discussion of a Defense Pact for the region, designed specifically to keep foreign powers from invading and destabilizing the SEQ. Independent powers are also encouraged to contact us. Refugees are welcome to take shelter in the SEQ, so long as they agree not to use our region as a base of operations from which to counterattack other Galactic Quadrants.

If you can’t add me on Discord, feel free to PM me here, or discuss non-operational details in this thread.

Things are heating up on Main, and CCCP is in a position to defend the SEQ and honor its commitment to making sure this region remains a safe place free of foreign influence. Think of it as our own personal Monroe Doctrine. Props if you understand what that is, and look it up if you don’t.

If your Alliance is external to the SEQ and has aspirations to invade it, let this serve as a warning: we have no desire for war, as we are a defensive Alliance, but we will prepare for the possibility. The Beacons are being lit. Rohan will answer: Gondor shall not fall.

Yours in friendship,

Catmiral Icefox, CCCP

PS: As a sidenote, while I may sound gravely serious here, it would be amazing if this is an entirely in-character thread aside for this PS, and my post at least certainly is. Any wars will be amicable and fun for everyone, if I have any say about it! Though do not take this post as a guarantee of war - this could very well pan out peacefully for all.

PPS: Edited into both posts later to be totally clear. OOC = Out-of-Character and IC = In-Character. And to clarify, as one of my guys feels this comes across as too much of a “call to war,” this isn’t ACTUALLY that. It’s for some fun RP related to a vague possibility of a future war someday, really. I doubt it will result in such and this is for funsies more than anything. :3