The "NEW" warfare on Awaken the Dark is great

With the speed increase Outscape is right between RTS and Grand Strategy Games. With some proper adjustment of the construction times and some minor changes this can lead to a great game. Keep the work up!


Totally agree here. Really surprised, at both myself, and IDA.

Really good work getting the balance almost there, a tremendous effort. Its not perfect, there are issues, but for a first run, its much better then I expected.

I wasn’t interested in playing this server, I’m not really a RTS fan. But i gotta say, I`m really hooked on this turbo charge version of Outscape.

Oh to have a shipyard, or scanner built b4 u can even grab a coffee, just so good.

To IDA, keep up the good work.
To everybody else, get in here and play…
Just try it!

Agreed. Big fan so far. So nice to get everything done in a 20 minute sitting. Somewhat counter intuitive to say it, but I think this actually helps quality of life.

I did end up enjoying it more then i expected to. While i enjoyed our skirmishing Rae, the nagging feeling of having to check every 5 minutes due to endless raiding multiple days in a row was to much for me

Actually killing people in this mode sounds like a pain. invasions are basically impossible when it only takes 5 minutes to reinforce a planet with troops. Bombardments will be challenging when in 40 minutes you can build 40 ODS on the planet (unless you know how to control what fleets the ods target, which i expect the average player doesnt).

And i have no idea how any one with a job, sleeps, or simply leaves their computer to make lunch can realistically enjoy this mode once protection goes down

I think you have to be OK with losing planets. And really, you can ramp up a decent one quickly in a day or two once you have pop and beron going. Many of us will be done with the tech tree soon, so who cares about losing labs?

It’s shaping up to be much more fluid where losses are not so tragic, but yes, going to sleep is a little more stressful than it needs to be. I can see why they were thinking about interdiction bubbles.

I suspect several people will be trying to eliminate some competition this weekend. Best to do it once you have the tech done and before they might be done.

Ideed. Finally U don’t need to w8. U just start the game and playing!

I think it just requires a different philosophy than the Main galaxies. Concentrate your defenses and assume everything else will be lost, maybe, then log out for the night. Next day, worst case, you’re starting over from scratch, but more likely you’ve been bombed out of a few places and can now counter-attack and very quickly rebuild whatever you need for the day.

Definitely still not a casual game but you can accomplish a lot more in a few hours and overnight setbacks actually aren’t as bad.

In the Main galaxies, 1 player in 1 night can easily destroy planets that took you weeks (or months) to build up. In the fast galaxy I would think that’s not possible because nothing takes that long in the first place.

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Bad news, guys. Lol