The new fleet warp speed selection

Hi everyone,

Since the 0.82 changes to fleet warp speed selection we’ve seen requests to bring back the ability to manually set the speed because:

  • Maximum warp had the highest fuel consumption and reduced the possible range a fleet could travel
  • Different warp speeds made it possible to synchronize fleets at different distances from a point to arrive there at around the same time

To fix the first point regarding fuel consumption, we released a followup patch 0.825 a couple of days after to simplify fuel consumption.

The second point about synchronizing arrival times is a fair one, but we’d prefer to hold off making any changes for now until players have had a chance to evaluate the change to speed selection within the context of the new galaxy we have on the way.

If at that time players still feel strongly that the ability needs to be retuned, of course we’ll look at getting it done (in a way that doesn’t conflict with the original intention which was to simplify speed selection to be more new-player friendly and less click-intensive). Your patience with this is appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Nicely done sir! Looking forward to the new Galaxy when it comes!!
Still I can’t see how it would degrade your efforts to simplify things by adopting my previous suggestion (for example) :

That said: You have stated your reasons for not doing so openly and concisely, I cant tell you how much I appreciate that! Consider my suggestion held till then, I shall investigate how the new fuel/speed mechanic pans out with great interest!

I can understand it as it now is BUT if I have enough fuel on a fleet to travel at warp 4 to get to its destination I have either to wait twice as long at warp 2 or it doesnt arrive at warp 6. Still would like the opportunity to select my own warp speed - but maybe we will all just get used to it as it is

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Just seems to make no sense to need fuel to use warp 2 and have only warp 1,2,6 available. And fleets built with zero fuel are stuck at warp one until a fuel tanker is now added. Might be time that engines have a base fuel tank amount as has been suggested in the past.

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the latest little update allows warp 2 for ships with no fuel on board but I do agree it is limited. The only way to use say warp 4 is top have one ship in the fleet that has max warp 4 - at least I hope that will work!!

Have to agree that having the ability to set the speed of ths was a step backwards. There have been many instances where I have wanted a faster speed than 2 but haven’t had the range for speed 6. manually selecting speed 4 or 5 would have saved significant travel time. The ability to outrun or outmaneuver an enemy fleet by adjusting speed would also be a huge tactical advantage.

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Thanks for reminding me of this thread Cannonfodder.

Yeah after playing it for some time now I have not changed my opinion in the slightest. This was a retrograde step. Not a disaster no, don’t misunderstand me, just not an improvement in any way, if anything i have found the simplification less useful than having the ability to make up my own mind… Its like having an Automatic Car: works fine but doesn’t quite have the appeal (to some) of a manual.

I still fail to see how hard it would be to instead have a speed adjustment button that adds one to the warp with every click: resetting at max warp back to 0??

agreed it was a backwards step. I do hope it will be changed for beta

With the new server I am reminded how much I would like the ability to choose the warp speed. The min/max only system is terrible early game when we only have a choice of warp 1 or 4. Really need to have the ability to select 2 or 3 to allow different fuel burn rates and extend travel ranges a bit.


i concur, but holy molly bat turds sir the whip lash i received from that necro post hurt something fierce :slight_smile:


Sadly lots of older issues that were never really resolved. Might as well pull up the old posts rather then start a new topic.


Yeah, I don’t like to necro old posts but at least it keeps the history. The either/or mechanism was and is a step backwards from the ability to select a warp speed.