The "Expanse" and a viable reason to exist

We now “officially” have an area that is what I call the “Expanse”. A region in space where it is void of planetary systems. It seems useless to the casual explorer because there is nothing to be found there, but it is (I believe) the dividing line between the older more advanced player and newly spawned ones. So this acts as a time barrier between various sections of the galaxy, thus reducing the desire for the older more advanced players to just go wipe out his noobie neighbor.

But it does seem quite useless and in early game can only be traversed with w1 engines. In later game, you can go free warp 4. I haven’t heard how wide the “Expanse” is yet (in LY) will be interesting to find out eventually.

However, I did think of a viable use for this region of space. Rather than finding planetary systems worth colonizing, there could be the remains of a once vast galaxy, that was destroyed in cataclysmic fashion, leaving asteroid belts littered in space. Also the few remaining survivors of this galaxy are still flying around out there looking for a way to find a new world. These could be similar, but possibly a little more powerful that our little pirates we have in our healthy galaxies and just love to terrorize anyone they see moving around near them. So this would encourage a new band of NPC type activity that could occur in and around the remains of a once vast galaxy, showing up at the most inopportune time when you may have found a highly prized asteroid field. (I’ll let the hard core sci fi experts make this vision more realistic)

Just a thought.

I see parallels to One Piece and the Great line. Perhaps there is untold treasure to be found; if only you can survive the Beasts.

on a side note, is there a map of the overall galaxy?

@Sy_Fox_TTV just zoom out as far as you can. beyond this, there really is no map that is freely shared, but there are several player generated maps that i am aware of.