The Confederation of the Red Moon (CoRM)

Greetings from the Confederation!

We are a fairly new Alliance playing on Main 2 and we look for active Players who want to strengthen our ranks. We offer you a very active alliance, coordination via Discord, support by experienced members and a secure region where you can expand your prospering empire.

If you are interested, please contact me in Discord: [CoRM] Penegrin#9721



Good communication.

However. Clan bends like a reed, without a wind. Never standing strong like an Oak. If fair weather can defeat them, then the harsh reality of the galaxy will crush them, like a tin can in a black hole.

CoRM hails from several other space MMOs. I wonder if this is the same group.

Names like sharkie777 and Kaiser come to mind.

I served under Kaiser ~18 years ago.

Holy sh*t!! Iā€™m getting old.

Did you by chance play Mankind? Only MMO where I know the name from :smiley:

Sure did!

It seems the universe is in fact a very small place. People who played MK tend to end up playing the same games together for years without even realizing it. :smiley: