The best race, not the easiest?


what is the best race currently? I’ve heard that mankind are weak, but is that still the case?

Please help me out and explain as much as you can, because I’m very new to the game. I started skirmish with Mankind.


Welcome and here is my opinion on this matther: Syntis, hands down.

The reason is the following, in order (imo):

  1. They can ignore happiness and as such also corruption. This is huge as it both reduces the micro for constantly needing to build entertainment centers and they can quickly get up to their cap of 60 colonies where as organics will start to struggle at around 50.
  2. Best ships. Their Battleship is superior to all other ships and they got really good destroyers and their logistic ships are also very good. To make them even better they are the only race which can repair their ships without a shipyard.
  3. Best planets. Outscape has this weird system where the higher the landmass is, the more population it can support and population is very important. Why all races, including the one’s preferring water-based worlds, would support higher population when there is less water makes no sense to me but I digress. Syntis is the only race which can effectively terraform planets to the ideal 90% landmass.

The only reason for why you are not stupid for playing other races beside Syntis is their low fleet cap. If they raise that then there would be no reason to play any other race what so ever. However this limit can be bypassed by multi-boxing.

Imo Syntis should be harmonized with the other races as they are increasingly become imbalanced and this will get worse as the game progresses as having one race not having to care about one of the key mechanics is a major design flaw, imo. But it is what it is and if you want to play the best and easiest one to play as well, due to less micro and not having to care about happiness/corruption, then go for Syntis.

I would say drop Mankind. They got arguably the worse ships (power/price ratio) and also the ugliest. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you don’t want Syntis then go for Ripchee. They are really the only one which can somewhat compete with Syntis due to their big population boost.

Mankind are hands down the most difficult race. Before the newest galaxy, our ships were simply the cheapest, not the strongest, did not have the most DPS potential, did not have much of anything except the ability to spit out billions of ships at the drop of a hat (Resource pending of course). In the ATD galaxy, the modules were made more expensive which closed the gap on our cheapest ship lead, and with the speed of the ATD galaxy, the ability to pump out ships at the drop of a hat is made less useful. Our transport abilities are mediocre, Trafalgar’s has a very small niche use (read pretty non existant), and only our t3 ships posses any ability to go toe to toe vs anyone else.

The only advantage mankind still has is a bonus to our income which is short lived considering how easy it is to generate such a massive income that players constantly complain about having too much of it, not understanding that it is by definition poor resource management. If you have too much beron, stop building beron mines and dismantle a few.


For x1 - Ripchee. Reason - minefields rules. While Sabers dominate in minefiled warfare.
For x10 - Syntis. Main reason - u need to spend much less of time to get the result. In x10 ur own time is the most crticical macrostrategic thing. Low limit doesnt really matter since even clicking to make orders for 90 fleets is already wiil be burden for anyone.

But if u r crazy bastard that have no life and can play 24/7 and tolerate every annoying shit this project gives u than Mankind are the most powerfull for x10 as well as most hardplay race - all u need is 1) build 40M/h credits 2) find farsu(t1 mining from 15-20M planets, deepmining from mankind+cats big planets with high land and farsu%, bombing/capturing/stealing other player’s farsu) 3) preconstruct battleships (4ml-2, 1cluster, 1career) 4) make fleet formation (every ship to the edge of circle, clustertorpdread in center). 5) make more credit income if ur credits tends to fall toward zero. If u really have steel nervs and time to play 24/7 to make all the fleets formations for mankind than such a macrostrat will lead u to dominate any other player (mean Mankind have the greatest potential wich is hardest to realise)


I mean, everything you said sounds nice but I’m fairly certain you’ve never actually tried playing as MK…

Any omnipresent player will have a massive advantage over the average so I’m not sure why you even brought it up, particularly since half the reason to use the instant ship ability was because you weren’t able to queue that ship you needed when it would have mattered.

The only problem with the idea that MK is OP is that none of our ships are any good when compared to everyone else’s (save for the snakes which we are probably roughly equal to or so I assume) resulting in the specific situation where it looks nice on paper but no one who test drives it actually buys.

In practice tests I found the settup that achived killing at least 12 ships in dread17bs syntis’s fleets settup that counter this one. This is more than enough to Mankind domination in war with the same-level player since mankind’s production powers.are more than x2 times than anyone.

And of course I’m not this mad to even try - such a strat takes too much time and clicking. I can’t endure such a torture.

Autor of this topic made a pun in title. Because Outscape is such a sort of shit were easiest means exactly - the best because hardships are so awfull to the point were anyone will drop outscape in process of trying to endure them.

While odis, cm’n u r the guy who mining deposits in x10 instead of easy and effective deep mining as well as using scouts fo transport resourses for a monthes this time around. This proves very well that u have no even a sliver of understanding to be able argue with me. Moreover I’ve found it in practice that u didn’t learned things when I explained to u. So this is last case when I’m so generous to spent my time on u.


My two cents are

Each civ has its own ups and down
Some have more ups than others
And vice versa

I’ve played all civs, all 5 of them
And I find PR to be my go to choice as the best civ for my play style when I want to be “competitive”

For others it’s ripchee … Or syntis… Etc

Because I’ve noticed that each civ needs it’s own play style to be successful in, so when you test around different ones, you’ll end up finding the civ you feel suits you the best

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You’ll have to elaborate, as is defined by instant ship production, our production powers are infinite, and our resource allocation and acquisition is exactly average or below average considering Ripchee pop multiplier and syntis well everything.

This joke has something to do with the above, because afterall, we are still playing, and my sincere apologies to anyone who maybe offended, feel free to post jokes asserting the opposite, its just this pretty much nails the situation at hand.

Aside from that, its true that the game has some serious issues to deal with which is why I have been more or less against balancing the races against each other because as the mechanics change, the races will need to be balanced again, which is another conversation. I have no doubt that the devs are working to fix the poor QoL issues.

Lololol no, those were my transports (nebulas) you nailed. I dont use scouts to transport goods after the first week of any galaxy. Furthermore, I may have colonized my 5th planet in all my time playing outscape/beyond dark and my 3rd in the ATD galaxy principally for the specific intention of the surface resources because of the more or less dessert I have found myself in. I am not active enough to utilize the locusts strategy.

Lol the only thing you’ve proven is that you dont know what your talking about and as youve stated time and again, your just an old forum troll.

Edit: it just occured to me that you may have intended to mean that I used scouts as escorts, which is true and would not have lasted vs syntis corvettes for a number of fair reasons, however, what you are ignorant to is that I had 14 fleets at the time and 8 of them were single colonizers helping friends double pop and expanding what little of an empire I had. The situation you maybe refrencing is the specific question of whats worse, nothing to defend or no one to defend it? Having seen so many allied fleets in the area I made my assumption and built more transports to further my growth instead of building ships to defend them.

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Seems like we should just have access to all the civs. Solves many balance issues…

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Access how?

Just like I said you can play them all at the same time. Only thing to lock out is mixed fleets.

like you can play all sorts of different classes in Path of Exile, you jump in to the game with one Species at a certain position on the skill tree (Perktree) and from there you can customise your species how you want them to be

Hmmm so be locked to one civ’s ship
But have all civs on the planet, right?

Could you elaborate more?

Cuz currently all civs when it comes to planet structures are exactly the same (except syntis have a different EC, and their depositors give a better bonus, the rest is pretty much the same)

The only difference is their growth multiplier really
And their ideal temp/land mass

In general when they are all in their ideal landmass on the same size planet they’ll all have around the same max pop

Which makes it a bonus for chee/snakes mainly when they find a planet with high landmass… But that’s about it

Ship tech wise

Hmmm having access to all the ship classes would be an interesting concept
But that will mean everyone will just build the best battleship, best destroyer, best dread
And ignore the rest

That’ll set the game into one meta of fleet building that will be hard to get out of

But speaking of mixing Ik mankind originally (back in beyond dark days) were supposed to be able to reverse engineer other civs tech and hulls and be able to build them for themselves

And cats were supposed to have the ability to capture enemy fleets and own them

Integrating such features would be awesome and I hope they do that


No mixed fleets as in if you have a mankind Flagship only mankind ships can be paired with it.

Each race would have access to their own ships.

Could have the Tech tree Branch off for each civilizations research separately. And add in more specialization for each Civ.

Also if all races were accessible to play you could cap each Civ to ten planets as the primary race. This way you would have to play them all and corruption could be less of an issue if it was blocks of ten planets not every planet controlled.

But this is changing the game a fair bit again though I feel not having access to every race was a missed opportunity to attract players.