The Anomaly [TA]


Join The Anomaly!

The Anomaly is a new alliance, being founded just before Alpha3. We are led by a council and everyone in the alliance has the opportunity to become a member of the council. The council makes the decisions, but if a member doesn’t agree with the decision they may speak up and protest.

We strive for equality among members but also recognize the importance of leadership and obeying orders. The council is required to make decisions based on the good of all members. Although diplomacy comes first, we require our members to participate in war (if it occurs), we also recognize that real life comes first and that you may not be available, but if you can play then you can help.

We help all our members to become the best versions of themselves in every aspect, no matter what and to every extent, whether it be via trading, training, assistance and other means necessary. We are all friends in this alliance and if you want to talk, we’ll be there.

All communications are run through Discord and all members are required to have it. The alliance language is English.

We want active players and people willing to help other members and contribute to The Anomaly.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining message us in The Anomaly Discord:

DM me on discord for server link: #7555