This idea has been discussed several times, here, and here.

I am bringing it up again because i think territories can help foster fighting directly and indirectly through other mini-games. Directly, each territory can produce credits encouraging players to rub elbows with their neighbors. Each un-owned territory must be held for (2 days?) before it becomes owned by a player and is not inherited simply by colonizing a planet or simply by flying through. If another player wishes to contest it, they must remain in the territory for 24 hours before attempting to stake their claim. A leader board for this, i feel, is a bit silly, unless this is connected to another mini-game or galaxy event.

One galaxy event can simply be to control the most territory at the end of 3 weeks. Another can be to control your own “capital” territory while also attempting to take someone else’s.

this sort of setup can also form the basic structure for other games. with clearly defined boarders, a “hill” can be spawned wherever 3 boarders meet (at every intersection of 3 or possibly randomly chosen) and players can fight for points or other rewards. If the prize is simple, the rewards can be given out per “hill” instead of a galaxy wide leader board where lower ranked players will never stand a chance.

Alterations of the above games is that massive points can be granted for delivering a population, resources, or a ground military presence.

As the following wise men and women have said:

and this would still mostly be true, since loosing out on easy credits and the mini events would be a bit of a hindrance, but nothing would require anyone to actually ever take a territory, but it would be awkward to have any respect of strength and not have a recognized boarder.

this would still be somewhat of an issue, although i dont believe 40-ish markers per player would be a huge issue. Could it be possible to toggle this on and off without having to reload the game?

My hope is that this would cause small skirmishes without causing the need for one player to dominate another. I was thinking that each planet would be at the center of a territory and its territory would go half way to all neighboring planets, sort of whats in my god awful picture at the bottom. Most of my ideas are pvp, but they can just as easily be made to hold the territories against invading rebels or other aliens suckered into the same trap that befell the rest of us.


Always though there would potentially be some type of territory or grid system in place. The have this nice example in the loading screen.

I wondered if the outer radius of the sensors we have built should serve as some kind of territory marker.

My previous speculations on the subject are here but the outcome of that was the game engine is already struggling with the amount of objects on the game so a more fluid border would be preferable. Never understood that myself as having a players border locations surely would be something best stored in the main on their local client within a text file or something equally easily shareable at need. Border satellites would need to be reconfigurable sure but not to the same extent as ships that move all the time by their very nature. Shrug

If we used the scan radius it would encourage the building of sensor stations on more planets possibly the territory claim function would become only available at upper levels again encouraging folks to up grade rather than leave it at Level 1.

My thought it that if we can project and get basic signals back from scanner emanations then logically we should also be able to detect other players scan signals… This would mean where two players scanner zones over lap the “border” would be marked in say red or orange instead of the blue grey of the normal scan range.

Before the player colony scanner was introduced I wouldn’t have liked this so much as it gives away positions. But, as they have elected to already do that ,it no longer matters and we may as well get extra utility out of the existing mechanic.

What could be the advantages of a territory or zone like this I wonder? I would hope given the games slow pace that friendly ships that are flying entirely in a territorial zone like this be allowed a +1 free warp speed to represent the navigational benefits of telemetry and triangulation provided by the sensor fields overlap.
Another possible benefit could be we could set automatic cargo transfers within friendly territories. Its a lot less easy to justify ships flying out of “known space” and back again on auto pilot to my mind. Certainly I’d like to hear what others thought on the point of having a marked territory other than the pleasing aesthetic of having “your” space clearly mapped out :slight_smile:

Territories could add a nice depth to the game. Perhaps having 3-5 systems in one territory (as opposed to the one system in the image above).

To claim a territory you simply need to have the greatest number of colonies in that space. Then replace the planet cap with a territory cap. There’s likely more motivating factors to add drop and replace a territory than what we have with the current single planet system. That also means there’s a higher likelihood of people fighting over a territory vs a single planet.

If we then add warp lanes between territories it could allow for players to expand more without worrying about travel time as much.

Whenever alliance features are added then the alliance territories could all be grouped into a single empire.

We’ve looked at territories a couple of times in different forms. e.g. ‘king of the hill’ side games, and as part of the main game. But it’s one of those areas we couldn’t afford to focus on until after alliances.

I do think we will do something for the main game in the future. Just as players have formed alliances in the game without any built-in mechanics, in previous Alpha galaxies players were using scouts + notes to mark/claim territory - so there’s definitely a need. Thanks for the suggestions.