Temperature issue when colonising a planet with coloniser lvl3

Just colonised 2 planets with 2 coloniser level 3, 1st planet temp. +149, 2nd planet temp. +227
afer colonisation temp. 1st planet: 49°C, 2nd planet: temp. 127°C.
for each planet, a reduction of 100°C (and not 25°C as in previous games)

if your talking about the best colonizer, that’s not a bug

T4 colonizer, the 10k rp one, builds 4 level 3 climate stations, which have been massively buffed for the current galaxy. Now, each level 3 climate station changes temp by 25 degrees. It also builds a level 3 farm, level 3 entertainment center, and 2 level 3 power stations. This adds up to about 300k credits and tens of thousands of beron worth, for only about 100k credits and a few thousand farsu.