Technology Tree Example, plus feedback


im mostly useing stellaris as a good example of this tech


We get the most of our heat and light from where the sun meets the axis of the solar system, a dyson sphere could 100% incase a sun or partially such that the planets in the solar system do not suffer any or much loss of light/heat… Its also possible to redirect some of the heat and light into the deeper solar system raising temperatures on the colder planets…

So dyson sphere could collect energy at the top and bottom 40% of the sun with thin structural supports holding it together… The closer the dyson sphere is to the sun the less material is needed to encase it but gravitaional issues would dictate how close…


this is what i was basing it off of


Stellaris is a great game, and I’d love to see megastructures like Dyson spheres and ring worlds. Nevertheless, one principle of the Dyson sphere is that you use the planets as raw materials to create the structure. You’d really end up with an either/or: planets or megastructure, not both.


very true i get that but i dont think the game will have a way to rid the planets of a system and if it does at some point more power to it but if not then they will have to put some downside to it


Let’s try returning to the topic?

Here’s an illustration of what most tech advances could allow through a toggle.

EDIT: Excuse the typo of the Radius branch ending in “Range T3” lol


And please, let’s consider the tech tree and placement of tech advances and prerequisites. Discussions of particular features and their implementation should generate topics separate from this.


I was wondering about the mines. Basic, small and then deep. What about having another category for each mine being ‘Efficient Deep’ which will take a fair bit of research and yield 3/min.


This post turned into an entirely different topic which I posted here: Long term viability through Technology, Economy, and Limitations


this needs to be brought back to the front of everyone’s mind. Was a lot of good suggestions in this post on tech and research…


Just like the other thread, they used some suggestions, but we still aren’t quite yet there on technology.