Syntis Ships and Weapons Stats/Screenshots


Screen grabs of Syntis Hulls, weapons and repair module. Myty has a post for Ripchee items.


ships d

Small weapons.
gun a

gun b

gun c

gun d

Medium weapons
gun 1

gun 2

gun 3

gun 4

gun 5

gun 6

Large weapons

guns L 1

guns L 3

Repair mod


T43 Syntis Cruiser number of large slots incorrect in display

Cruiser, Battleship as flag and three Clippers as a small fleet.


May I ask you provide a screenshot of syntis frigates and destroyers?


T22 and T37






That only shows weapons.


Here is a screen shot of a Massive 815 Planet Empire, it was the Largest Empire in A2 for 1 player