Syntis Redraw Idea


I saw that in the annoucement notes that the Mankind Female will be redrawn, so I am wondering will Syntis be redrawn too (and not to mention perhaps the other races also).

Right now, Syntis looks more like Bastion from Overwatch.

So, I am thinking: Syntis is a combo word that is short for “Synthetic Tissue”.
If anyone has seen the movie iRobot, then that is more or less how I’d imagine Syntis to be - whereby they look like robots with a humanoid face. Whereby in StarCraft II, the robot that you interact with is like the ones in iRobot except it has synthetic skin on the face area.



It would be nice if a Syntis player could pick a different “skin” to represent their personal idea of which kind of intelligent machine they identify their People with.

Call me silly but I didn’t care for the Syntis look which is the only reason I didn’t pick playing them initially LOL That wont be everyone’s reaction, but sure, had there been a option for the iRobot guys I probably woulda reconsidered :wink:


Yeah… imagine each race has like 4 different skins to choose from, that would be awesome.
Maybe there are people that like the current Bastion looking Syntis, for example, that can be fine, so with skins to choose from (whereby could be changed at any time - so your colonies have your skin, your neighboring player of same race has their skin etc).
Yeah… an iRobot skin would be nice, and 2 other robotic looking skins too.
And not to mention the other races for their skins - in fact, 2 male and 2 female skins per race sounds good.


Could be time to bring “Grandad” back from the depths of the Wiki’s dead pile as well :slight_smile:


Well logically humanoid robots wouldn’t be the shape of choice, you would have factory robots like we see in factories now, military robots for ground warfare and maintenance robots for the other robots. Mabye there could be different skins for your play style like if you are more aggressive then you would have the military robot and if you were more a bout self development then you would have the factory robot and so on. Well at least that’s my two cents worth.