Syntis population not growing

Population growth on my home world has become stuck at 0. Syntis controllers no longer work, although when it first started an upgraded controller got it going again for a very short time. What am I missing?

You may have reached your max population limit. Do the following calculation to check.

Planet size x Land Mass x 100 x .525, if this equals your max population (or within a few) your controllers won’t increase your max population and you will stop growing. You may have been started with a small planet (I was). My solution was to remove unnecessary population and put them on another planet I colonized. It will grow again, repeat as it gets close to max population again. I also moved some structures to other planets to free up labor on my homeworld since I had such a limited population base.

That formula explains everything, thank you very much. I know my problem now. Moving structures involves recycling and rebuilding elsewhere, yes? Or is there another method I don’t know of?

you are correct. For critical structures I built first on a new planet, then dismantled it on my homeworld. It costs a lot to do this, so it takes time. My goal was to leave my orbitals and shipyard on my homeworld and plan for the shipyard to be upgraded as I finished tech and could afford it.