Syntis over planet cap bug

Some chat in Discord general and in steam forum about invading then bombing a planet at the same time letting syntis have more then 45 planets. Assume the game is awarding a victory like the player quit the game while under invasion when the orbital bombardment kills off the players population. @Joe

A secondary thing to verify is if you are invading a bunch of planets owned by a friend while at or close to cap. Would that trick the game into going over planet cap for a syntis player when they quit the game?

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I’ve just confirmed this with one of the devs. At the moment it is possible for Syntis to exceed their planet cap if after launching an invasion the population is abandoned or wiped out e.g. the last colonist is killed by bombing, the colony owner resets. Because the planet is then awarded by default to the invader.

We want to plug this as soon as we can. One option is to prevent Syntis from being able to launch an invasion if they are at their fleet limit (at the moment it’s possible for Syntis to launch an invasion when at their planet cap, but the invasion will always lose).


There should be a grace period instead of a flat failure with Syntis invasions, and when the grace period expires the Syntis player should be able to choose what colony they give up.

Say an organic invades a planet, gets more corruption. If that player’s planets were at high happiness to begin with (which they ought to have been), at the very worst the organic player has seventy hours after the fact to get rid of any number (one, five, ten, twenty, whatever) of planets before rioting. And of course the organic player can prepare with the appropriate fleets, happiness, whatever, and the organic player doesn’t even have to abandon the worlds that were invaded; they can abandon another world somewhere else if they like.

But a Syntis flat fails, no options.

They player knows he has a cap and knows he’s at it, he can give up a planet before he starts the invasion. So no, I prefer IDA’s suggestion.

Well the real flaw is the automatically win an invasion when someone quits idea. Players should be allowed to nuke the Planet Clean similarly to how players can orbital bomb a Planet Clean. And any one orbital bombing a Planet to nothing should lose their troops 100% as well.

@joe. Not seeing how not being able to invade at a fleet limit helps fix this. I could build 45 troop carrying Corvettes and still not be at Fleet cap. So I could start 45 Invasion to a friendly Alt if my main account was that 44 planets. And right now as things are I guess I would end up with 89 planets if that alt quit. FYI this is all hypothetical I do not have accounts for this.

I wonder if there could be a harsh soft cap instead.

Allow it to succeed, let the Syntis exceed the cap but there’s an immediate penalty:
1 planet above cap: all tax income is reduced to 0 until the cap is re-established.
2 planets above cap: all mineral income is cut in half until the cap is re-established.
3 planets above cap: all mineral income is reduced to 0 until the cap is re-established.

So you can temporarily exceed your planet cap as Syntis but it’s a harsh penalty meant to be corrected quickly. You could even take over a whole system but now you have no income at all from your entire empire and need to rectify the situation quickly.

This would also “fix” any players who have been abusing the cap and may be way above it already. They’ll have to hustle to fix their broken state.

I believe that’s a typo.

There’s either a cap or have syntis be like organics, which doesn’t fit their design. They can already hold more planets than most organics (because of no corruption). Now let’s that even more. There will be other ways to obtain more planets if we ever get the new proposal from IDA on remote colonies. If it’s a grudge match and the player wants the planet, give up one and take it If it’s just to harass a player, then glass it and leave.

I largely agree except that I wouldn’t doubt if there are Syntis players out there now with like 150 planets, so a harsh soft cap forces them to self correct.

No fixing the problem as Joe described eliminates the problem. Doubt it will fix the past, as with dual populations, we’re stuck with those who would exploit until we get a new server.

If player exceed the limit of planets, give him 24-48 hours to return to the limit. If the excess persists, enable the “Overpopulated Planets” effect on all his planets (-792/h) until returned to the limit (the planet/-s with the smallest population will get out of control).