Syntis cruiser balancing

i feel the the syntis cruisers are unbalanced. they allow for 4 large weapons 2 medium weapons. 2 large general purpose and 4 medium purpose storage spots. it is the only ship in the fleet able to carry the electrical storm cannon and large troop transports. with its current schematic it is incapable of supporting planetary weapons nor a troop load out. it has far to many weapon slots and not enough general slots to support function.
planetary weapons fire every 3 mins and with a base armor of 1200 and a minimum of 1 hour to fire they dont last long in orbit. they do not have enough general slots to re-enforce itself. i would switch 2 large weapons slots with 2 large support slots and that should balance the ship out.


Energy storm weapons take 50 mins to fire. Even if you armor these up to the max and be able to do an orbital strike. They would only survive 27 minutes.

Which means, they don’t get to shoot. If the planet has an ODS.

Is that the point of these weapons, be be able to affect the ODS. So you don’t have to bring 500,000 troops? Because you going to lose 75% due to the ODS factors.

Seems broken to be. I’m disappointed, as I just wasted a ton of research of those energy storm cannons, only to find that they are pointless.

syntis has the best cruisers in the game… I actually thought this thread was going to complain that its to good lol. Combined with the repair system, syntis is the best race for exterminating all life on the planet, seems fitting. Your kinda meant to put armor on them if you plan to be shot at

Apparently there’s a trick to bombardment. Yet another way to cheese ODS. Exploit? Feature? Who knows anymore. If I recall correctly, it goes something like this:

Send in garbage ship A to take the first ODS hit
Send in your bombard fleet to start bombing
Now, starting immediately and every 3 minutes, rotate in a new garbage ship to take the next ODS hit
Again, “if I recall correctly”, the newest fleet to enter is the one that gets hit

Someone should update the wiki with this if it’s true. I haven’t tried it yet, personally.

ods are very broken, but no they do not work that way

How do they work then? You send in 4 fleets. Which one does the ODS hit? It doesn’t hit all of them. I was told it hits the last fleet to enter and then round-robins, but if you keep bringing in new fleets then it will always hit the last one to enter.

Although if it round robins in no apparent order I imagine you could still bombard by bringing in 20 fleets. Presumably each one will get hit 1 time. So your bombard fleet and then 20 fleets of 1 destroyer or whatever, depending on how many ODS they have.

This thread is full of too many mistakes to even try to correct them all individually, but ODS are unpredictable and OSC firing times are based on their tech levels. This comes from extensive testing using a variety of combinations of ship designs, fleet compositions, and all the rest.

If you want to know how they work, build some and go bomb a planet with an ODS. That goes twice for everyone calling this a test server… go test it.

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My war outpost has 40 Orbitals and giants. How do you propose evicting me?

ods target manipulation is possible, and it is possible to still bombard your planet. It would cost a few expensive ships, but far less then you invested into ods. ods vs ships is basically pointless and either need to be re designed or removed.

However there are a ton of more broken things that need to be fixed far before this

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ODS follow a targeting logic programmed into the game, they are not “unpredictable” because computers do not do “unpredictable”, they have a set of rules they follow.

Mass infantry drop with upteched infantry lol.
Giants are decent at 5 combat power but upteched infantry, especially Syntis has a combat power of 6.

computers can do random, ods just dont.

Tech only effects defensive troops

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Again, I’m not going to correct every mistake, because that just gets old.

Go bomb a planet with multiple ODS, play around with your ships/fleets in orbit, send in your disposable scouts or whatever, and let us all know what you find. Call it random, call it whatever you want, I wasn’t able to find any predictable or repeatable behaviors.

As for your 40 ODS planet, I’d send more than 40 ships/fleets all capable of surviving the amount of time necessary to drop a round of bombs, and then repeat as necessary. Invasions are silly against high-tech defense and/or Giants. And defensive techs, as Shock said, only affect troops that are defending a planet.

Never noticed it did not affect attacking troops. I’ll keep that in mind for future infiltration.

I’ll run a few ODS tests and get back to you on that.

I am syntis maxed out tech tree

One of the reasons is say the ods are unpredictable is, is in one case i sent a fleet of 10 decked out t2 frigates to some ones home world. 14 hour travel time. I logged in 10 minutes before it hit orbit and waited the count down. One ods against 10 ships that could take multiple hit. The plan was to insert and leave. Ship stopped in orbit and the ods attacked it destroying it.

As i understand it ods fire once every 3 mins doing siege to the fleet. As my experience tells me this is not correct.

I think you mistake what they say is unpredictable. You are talking about damage, which is fairly constant so if you got one shotted, I can only say you probably underestimated the number of ODS on the target.

What they are saying is unpredictable is which fleet gets targeted. Different topic entirely.

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Yeah, what Recon said.

You either had very very weak frigates, which I doubt, or they had more ODS than you thought. One T2 or T3 ODS will do 150 damage to the first ship/fleet that stops in orbit. That’s it. One T1 ODS will do 100.

Then every 3 minutes they fire again. At one fleet, or another, or some other one, or maybe that other one.

If you only have one fleet, they all fire at that one fleet every 3 minutes.

That is what I thought to but i watched it happen.