Syntis. Bio farms, Medicinal happiness centers and military force spawners

So syntis can build bio farms the same as all the organic races except they only work for the organic population cutting the population they support by half.
Suggest that the population supported by syntis bio farms be doubled to 20,000, 30,000 and 50,000 to match what a dual organic primary and secondary bio farm would support.
As things are they are stuck building two styles of farms on dual civ worlds.

Syntis have only one building to promote 100/h happiness.
I would like to see a second tier for this at least, though I honestly never liked the drug the population to keep them happy scenario. I would rather there been some type of settlement dome that boosted the temp/land tolerance for organics and provided a happiness boost.

Organic military barracks also provide a small happiness bonus while that was removed from the syntis force spawner version. That’s understandable though as there would be no organic troops.

Syntis need a fair amount of infrastructure just to have a far less efficient dual population planet with issues that dual population organic players never see.

Something for organics would be a machine shop to increase the population totals of syntis only. I think they still have to rely on a friendly syntis player building controllers for them atm?


I agree. It would be nice to get a little something there. With 35% taxes, difficulty raising biological populations and then difficulty in keeping them happy, it’s hard for Syntis to get a good tax base rolling and biologicals don’t help that much (unless you capture a fully setup player planet, anyway).

It doesn’t help that the bio-farms are relatively deep in the tree. (The happiness is easier to get but then, without the farms, why bother? Who cares if your 87k natives can’t be made happy until you can grow them enough that the taxes are meaningful.)

I could see two ways to go: basically what you said, making it a little easier for Syntis to compete here, and maybe have the bio-farms also generate happiness for the biologicals.


Turn the Syntis into more like the borg (or the Cybermen from Dr. Who). You simply don’t worry about biological life because they get converted into Syntis. This would mean we’d never benefit from natives but you could raise the Syntis population cap to maybe compensate. Just spitballing an idea. It would certainly make the Syntis even more unique. (And maybe the other side of that coin is that if a biological takes over a Syntis world, the Syntis start dying. It’s kill or be killed! They can’t live in harmony.)

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