Syntis and Nativ Population

When you play Syntis and you colonise a planet with domestic population (Mankind), you have no chance to make them happy. Syntis have no buildings to rais the happines by the domestic population. This planets are dead for Syntis…

Force spawners are the only option, but it’s a bad way to have to do it.

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We are planning to look at this soon


This basically just happened to me with Harpy population. Their happiness hit 0 and so my Sintis (which are supposed to be immune to unhappiness) are rioting. But the Harpy pop won’t go down.

You have medical happiness centers. I forget the exact name. But if you want to kill them just build climate and hydro stations.

I built the climate and hydro stations, and they wouldn’t reduce their population. That is why I listed it as a bug. But in the bug section, they said that the fact that they won’t reduce their population, only riot, is not a bug. So I assume that this is a new FAD.

If the population does not go down, even if you reduce/increase the temperature to unhospitable levels, that does sound like a bug to me.

I know for a fact that I got rid of unwanted secondary populations this way on the previous AtD galaxy.

Rise from the dead. Haha

Was real bad when all we could build to boost happiness was military bases the organic population didn’t even use. LoL

I assumed harpys would find that inhospitable. Its possible that they will still live in those conditions.