Suspected Bug in Research Tree

Hello there,
I am having slight difficulties navigating the research tree due to what I believe to be a bug.
But see for yourself:

So long

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Yeah I’d say thats a bug… :crazy_face:

Could you let us know your Graphics set up as I havn’t seen that one before myself so wonder if its hardware specific?

I’ve not seen that before. Could you try:

  • Right-click ‘Outscape’ in your Steam games library and select ‘Properties’
  • Switch to the ‘Local files’ tab
  • Click the bottom button ‘View integrity of demo files’

Hi there again

Upon starting the game just now the research tree is being displayed normally again.
Also the tutorial windows for the research tree appeared (which didn’t happen before, I just didn’t notice) when opening the research window.

@joe It just fixed itself, I did not execute the “View integrity” step yet.

@Zathabar: I’m running the game on 1920x1080 Fullscreen, on ‘high’ graphics settings in a 2-display setup. Ingame, “Volumetric Fog” and “Vertical Sync” are enabled and FPS are set to 100 (didn’t change the settings).
My setup:

So long

P.S.: Also I just wanted to say I really like the music!


Since the second image wasn’t allowed in the first answer:

Thanks for the update, glad to hear it started working.

It’s not something we’ve ever seen before. If anyone else has come across this before please let us know.

Just wanted to add the following, for anyone who might also be experiencing this problem:
I was able to start researching (though somewhat trial-and-error-like) by clicking just outside of the numbered squares in the research window. The hitbox for the research items seems to be a bit larger than the square boxes themselves.

Also: Wohoo, I’m finally the first in something :smiley:

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