Super world at (0,0)

Any chance the new server could get a super world added at (0,0)? Like a 30km, or 50km 90% landmass planet (could even have it be 0 resources). It would be something nice for all the major powers to fight over. I assume it would be really easy to hack it in to the galaxy.

Could also throw smaller 28km-30km planets at (-200,-200) (200,200) (-200,200) (200,-200) to add a few conflict points if you wanted.

Maybe a bit to late to recommend, but even if you guys talked about them appearing next week that would still be great!


This is a great idea! It will be a good addition to the new server and give a reason to fight. In case this wont be possible till the release, even a later addition will work!

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15k players or 15 players?

15k per each outer section. So that example was 120,000 players.

120.000 players

Hey it was an older example/suggestion. We had high hopes that honestly have not come to be realized. It’s pretty disappointing overall where the game is at right now.

fair point, still 120.000 is a number thats… not going to be possible due to technical limitations…

but the game is moving in the right direction, so iam positive that the game can get back some lost audience

think i made a similiar post somewhere, might find it.