Super Powerful & Super Intelligent Dogs

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I agree with Mental. Pirates have many abilities that far exceed players. But they are Kinda dumb once you get the knack of them.

I am sure the OP will never get hit again like this after this experience!

That said, immunity to ODS & Minefields makes a mockery of the game. Why do they have to be exceptions? Let them sweep my mines same as any hostile player would then they can raid!

If they can sit for an hour stealing regardless of ODS on that planet then I want to be able to do so as well!

Please this is not the consistency Hobgoblin its basic common sense!

Pirates have been bribing insiders for intel on ship locations, and codes to bypass mines and ODS systems…


I was thinking these sorts of things could (should?) be available to players as well. A race could have weaker (yes inferior) ships than even mankind but have a very unique set of abilities.

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I can say that I’ve had like 2 pirates go out of my system then back to my home world where my ODS did kill them. I can say i did get the battle for it. Sadly I don’t have screenshots. :frowning:

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I’m just going to suggest that you avoid calling the developers IDIOTS when you clearly don’t understand the mechanics of the game or appreciate the history of many of the decisions that have been made over the years this game has been in development.

Pirates are trivial once you understand how they work. Try asking for advice instead of just insulting everyone, especially the 2 developers making this game.

Your fixation on the engines has been addressed elsewhere, that has a long history that has resulted in what we have now.


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word “IDIOTS” extremely IMPORTANT & so, it’s your Reward.

Now my dear sir. On this I was broadly agreeing with your point! But seriously cool it, your outbursts undercut a potentially reasonable point.

You can criticise certainly; strongly if you feel that way, but c’mon!

Pirates are dumb on so many levels right now. It IS unfair they have abilities players do not. But once you allow for that they become Resource delivery guys nothing more. That’s the real issue, the Developers have given them certain unreasonable buffs instead of giving them credible AI.

Let me put it this way: how would you do it differently? No, not just “they cant do this if we can’t!” : Tell us how Pirates should behave in your opinion? Maybe you will throw up an idea that’s not been seen before.

And that would be actually useful :slight_smile:


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Or it could be part of a future “intel” feature: you can pay money to give unrest to enemy player planets, or hire pirates to mess with them, etc.

Fairly standard 4X game feature. Shadow wars where you’re being messed with but may not know who’s doing it to you.

I have actually given this concept a lot of thought, and I find the ability to cause unrest in enemy territory, or hit an enemy from behind a mask, a juicy concept however I fear it is not a player friendly one.

In alpha centari whenever I began rubbing elbows with a neighbor, I would conduct 2 spy missions, the 1st on them and mask the Sabotage/spy mission to appear to be another player and then do the reverse to the 3rd player ensuring an outcome that can only end in my favour.

I am absolutely giddy over the idea of tricking my enemy’s intelligence into believing the contrary, telling the player (who is usually gullible whenever a game prompt informs them of anything) the opposite of the truth, as that would be the height of advanced noncombat warfare however, such a feat I fear is too overpowered not because its powerful in and of itself but because the player puts too much stock into it.

Maybe such things could be made available only in an advanced galaxy setting.