Suggestion: Full Screen (windowed mode)

Hi guys,

As you can see from the title of this post I’m wondering if you’re going to introduce Full Screen (Windowed Mode) to the graphic settings in the not to distant future?

I play a lot of games in this mode as I operate multiple screens on my desktop PC and there is nothing I dislike more that switching from 1 screen to another and having my game minimise. I doubt I’m the first person to ask this and I am hoping you have an update on when this may likely be included in a future update?

I look forward to your response.


You can run in windowed mode currently, but it seems to not allow you to use the full resolution. I run that, and at max resolution setting it fits about 75% of the screen.

It would be nice if we could get real full screen though, and the ability to resize without restarting the game would be awesome too.


Yes, i know we can run in windowed mode already but i dont like using that as (and you hit the nail on head here) it isnt in full resolution (for me 1440x900), anything smaller then i wont bother really.


I have tried, in the past, using full screen and using the windows (W10) icon to return to Windows so I can toggle back and forth, but it seems to badly bog down my system when I do so, so I hesitate to use it. It’s also cumbersome to use. I don’t like windowed mode to play in because I can’t see the full screen and it tends to scroll around. I can’t see the coord where I am located, nor have the ability to easily use the “chat” message bar. Overall it’s a PITA to use full screen when I also have to access the forum and discord or a PITA to use windowed mode because of the incomplete view on the screen. We need an easy one button solution, to allow us to toggle between full screen and windowed mode.


Hence why I want Full Screen (Windowed Mode), It gives the comfort and feel of the full screen but at the same time it’s also windowed mode so if like me you are using multiple monitors you can safely and easily move your mouse to those other screens without minimising your game or having it minimise on it’s own and annoying the bejesus outta you. Like i said in the original post, i play a lot of games in this format, I play eve online in that format and am able to play multiple accounts without minimising any of the screens just move the mouse between each screen hassle free.


Just clarifying the problem it presents in game as a result of the way it works now.

Tomorrow I’ll log into eve online and screen shot what i mean OK

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This is what i run eve online in when playing more than 1 account as it doesnt minimise the game when i switch from 1 screen to another (unlike outscape does when i click off the game to use discord or the browser.

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@joe is this something that could be brought into the game as a graphics option at all?