Stuck out of the game with my redeem code

Back after a big break, was unaware of the cooldown mecanics for starting empire.
I’m in an alliance now and had a redeem code but can’t use it as i still have almost 3 days cooldown, can you reset it (with my current dead empire) to allow me to start

Chalk it up as a learning experience. Not aware of them having reset that for anyone.

Cool story bro

1 day first time you log in, 5 days 2nd time, 7 days there after. That’s my understanding. @joe Guessing you’re on #2 and have 3 days remaining on it. I had to wait…

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Hello Puma
Thanks for the infos
But you can’t request dev to remove the cooldown (once by account let say) to avoid the wait ?
I understand the mecanism to avoid abuses but there is a gameplay problem here that is very frustrating

I asked, they ignored me lol.

It wasn’t a story bro it was the truth.

If you want to reset ASAP you colonize the nearest 300° Planet then move all your population there.


I have never thought of this, lol

Thanks for this tips it worked
In fact seems that setting your pop to 0 on all your colony is enought

but now that i can restart the game i got this…

what i’m supposed to do, wait another X days b4 being able to start playing a game i bought 4 days ago ?

I thought they had it so you couldn’t depopulate the last planet? Guess not… Friend code usage is every 7 days and no work around for that as far as I know. So hopefully you get gifted a decent area.

It’s saying that whoever gave you the spawn code abandoned the planet. Check with them first.

Was probably a huge super hot world or something and the colony died off.

Ys i think it was the case then to be available the colonized planet need to be still with a pop to have the redeem code available seems…

Yup that is true, just have them re colonize it and get you a new spawn code. Should work then

Yes but
1-it need to be very synchronized
2-dont want to bother again the guy who take time to get it initialy
3-dont wont to wait 48-72h again

You shouldn’t need to wait if you ignore #2 and bother him again. I hate spawn codes, but right now it’s the only way to play near friends. Nothing IGG can do about it unless the planet was colonized when you went to use the spawn code. Ask someone else to pick a different planet for you then.