Stop building so many laboratories


Great explanation, i agree with most of it. I see people making ships that use up 5-6k Zyril and complaining about not having enough, free warp 2/3 is overrated, war fleets will mostly be fuel, a few ordinance modules and and maybe a few other gadgets, using 2.5k zyril on just the engine for each ship is an easy way to quickly use it all up.

That’s an impressive stockpile you have there, have you built up a large cargo fleet system to move it all around or are your resources close to your production centers?

I have 30 colonies myself but the corruption kills new acquisitions, i envy the synthis ability to have 36 worlds without issue but it’s a bit balanced at the moment i can reliably earn about 15,000 credits an hour. Humans don’t have a hard cap like you do but a soft cap is just as bad.

Synthis dominate the galactic conquest leaderboards at the moment with 2 people already at 36 colonies, what’s your absolute limit? I thought it was 36 but j9ncalif seems to have 37.

The lv2 upgrade to the labs is worth it, lv3 i don’t think so. I build a few a day when i have some free pop but it’s only at about 60 an hour now, i chose to increase it bit after some people claimed i would get left behind in tech.

Those upgraded cargo modules are a nice 50% boost to storage, turned some of my nice 24k cargo fleets to 36k. asteroid mining has been a nice source of free resources.

It’s nice to get a synthis perspective on things, ripchee, pr and mankind aren’t that different incomparasion to synthis.

Is it possible for synthis to invade planets once they have 36 planets and do you think it’s even possible for synthis to invade human and ripchee planets due to their insane corruption and lack of happiness buildings?