Star Wars : The Last Jedi


The Last Jedi is epic, go see it on the big screen… Now just need Alpha restart to make my year complete…


I’ll have to pm you in Discord. I’m a great fan dying over what Disney did in the previous piece of the saga. Read 75 star wars books and took it very poorly when the deleted nearly all of such from ‘their’ new canon.


Disappointed that the KOTOR isnt canon, if they do make some of it canon I hope very little changes… Really hoping for a series of trilogies in that universe featuring Revan… What worries me is that they will be altered since they dont seem to care for George Lucas’s take on his universe… though he has only himself to blame…


May contain information that will spoil the movie:

To be honest, I was waiting for this film since TFA, but they’ve managed to butcher my expectations. They hyped it so hard, but the experience of watching this was underwhelming. Boring comic reliefs every now and then completely ruined the tension; important storylines were ignored in favour of some unnecessary useless scenes; the introduction of important and iconic assets to just be forgotten and unused; the scenario was written by a 7 year old that copied his homework from his classmate that loves Hollywood cliches, instead of original ideas.

Mediocre movie at best. Bad scenario. Ruined expectations. Not the droids I was looking for.


At least 30 minutes of the movie is utterly useless and pointless (find the codebreaker, make a half-hearted socioeconomic statement between action sequences, and accomplish no plot movement). This is the great failure of The Last Jedi.

If 1 ship could get out via hyperspace, then why not all the little transports, different directions, scatter the fleet. Better yet, divide and scatter the fleet before they all ran out of fuel, since they knew the Imps could track them somehow.

Bombers… srsly? 40 years ago Star Wars had PROTON EFFING TORPEDOS, concussion missiles, proton bombs, ion cannons… evidently all that has been forgotten in lieu of… “actual bombs” that somehow magically “drop” via gravity falling straight down onto a target… in space… where there basically is no gravity to pull bombs straight down… oh and of course the bombers are NOT DEFENDED AT ALL, and everyone just attacks head on (even though we had more advanced tactics in SW4,5,6… again, 40 years ago). Evidently there are no more military academies teaching anyone anything anymore.

The best, and most amazing thing, and most powerful and moving thing in the past 30-ish years from Star Wars did happen in TLJ, though. The Hyperspace Ram. This was, cinematically, artistically, an absolutely amazing and jaw dropping part of the film. Han’s death was moving, and sad. Rogue One was moving, and sad… but this was just mind blowing jaw dropping amazing in every aspect of how they filmed this.

The ending… very powerful, but it was probably an ending best suited for the END OF THE ENTIRE SAGA, not an “Empire-strikes-back-ish wannabe” middle sequel movie that had a hanging start and needed to have a hanging ending to prep for SW9.

Seriously, Disney continues to screw the pooch on Star Wars and ruin our favorite saga. At the rate they’re going, I kinda don’t even want SW9 now. They’re going to screw it up and let us all down. SW7 was a SW4 reboot. SW8 was an SW5 copycat in some ways. SW9 is just going to be an SW6 reboot, sadly. Disney just wants to spew fanboi crap, and sell tons of toys and costumes and rake in the dough with minimal effort. They no longer care about the story and the art and the vision like George Lucas did… and even HE screwed up SW1,2,3 because he got too caught up in technology and shinies.

Rogue One was amazing, except they keep trying to introduce “new” ships and equipment and technology in the past, which has no canonical basis at all. New ships can’t just appear and disappear at whim in the SW galaxy. Technology must continue in an orderly and logical fashion. …but otherwise amazing. Minor detail and certainly good action fodder. I postulate Solo and most other side movies will be amazing also. It’s the main line saga movies that keep getting more and more screwed up.

SW:Rebels gets things very right, most of the time, and it’s explicitly stated in one episode between Thrawn and Tarkin about the economics of the Empire. It’s not some all-powerful regime, but struggles with resources. The “stardust” project is insanely expensive and thus Thrawn’s TIE Defender project is at risk due to politics and money. He never got his project. We know which one the Emporer picked. ;p The Empire shouldn’t have been portrayed as so powerful in Rogue One. Not enough time elapsed since SW3, the war was too big, the separatists too great in number… Dooku and the Viceroy were gone - the only ones privy to the conspiracy of the Sith/Palpatine and thus necessary to bring the Separatists’ forces back into peaceful merger with the “Empire” after the Clone Wars. The cracks were already forming and well established in SW4 well beyond what we were shown of the Rebellion. The Death Star could theoretically hold thousands of TIE fighters… but it didn’t. Obviously. They never deployed. By sheer volume, they would have instantly shot up the rebel fighter fleet. They didn’t exist. They didn’t have the resources.

Timothy Zahn did such an amazing job with his Dark Force trilogy (Thrawn, Katana fleet dreadnoughts, master Joruus C’baoth, the Noghri, Han & Leia & twins, Talon Kaarde, Mara Jade, Yslmiri… etc and on and on)… I kept hoping in vain this would be the new trilogy of movies, but Disney once again screwed the pooch and threw out all the books and prior canon so they could enforce and impose their own agenda on us all, filled with weak story and full-force SJW’ing.


I loved the movie and probably did for about a day, though something wasnt right… some clapped in the cinema and I usually do too but I couldnt… I couldnt put my finger on it for a few more days… then realised Rian Johnson (RJ) just doesnt get the Jedi or Luke… and he messed him up… Luke would never of struck Kylo down, he refuse to strike down his father in ROTJ so it didnt make sense. I was waiting for Luke to raise his xwing and come join the fight and he didnt… In one movie they wiped out the OT. RJ is a moron, Why would Hux give a stuff about losing a few fighters taking down their fleet… coverage? Launch 100 and wipe em out in no time at all… took 3 to take out the bridge and one decided not to fire… roll credits… All that Canto Bight stuff was so pointless… and they are giving him a Trilogy lol… So hope that Solo is best SW film ever just to rub RJ’s nose in it… and they make new ships due to merchandising… its a money machine not a fan service machine… the books are where its at… Wendig and Zahn are my recent faves…


Two days after The Last Jedi released digitally I finally broke down and watched it. I’ve got to say in most regards it was about as good as could be expected after the abomination of its prequel. I suspect the direction was mostly forced second-hand from the guy who’d made the original blunder and who’s already got designs on how he’ll wreck the ninth.

I greatly appreciated the effort at revealing deeper truths of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ but ultimately such was overrun by SJW sentiment and millennial humor. Sure, it sells. We can congratulate Disney’s wealth and spineless regard for the roots this classic piece of American culture.

I wonder if Zahn vomits when he sees what they’ve done to the heirs.