Spirit of pride scaling


I think the impact level of corruption really needs to be looked at. Most of my costructed structures are spirit of pride. It just doen’t seem logical that I have to build 60 of them to bring the happiness up to any reasonable level with a new colony. Seems unbalanced to me.


Yup agree totally.

Just founded a new world today. As soon as the climate stations were done 20X Entertainment centres AND THAT wont even beat the corruption penalty till I have upgraded some of them all one level.

I mean I do now understand why a the Bar got built first in a wild west town but 20 of them before Work starts. Kinda having my logic and game enjoyment severely crimped here :wink:


I am not sure (pretty hard to keep track of) but it seems that sometimes it is inconsistent as well. As a precaution before colonising anything I go around and try to build 5 on every planet, but still I get some suddenly at big negative values. Definitely skewed as the bulk of my building efforts are now around entertainment facilities. Proportionally my actual industry is now a fraction of that number.


If you aren’t paying attention to your unemployment and/or labor shortages, those can cause massive unhappiness seemingly out of nowhere.


Yeah, but no. I am. Always. Yet still.


The need to ferry vast number of colonists to a new planet just to be able to build spirit of pride because of the labour shortage doesn’t seem real. It’s a colony. They are going to be less worried about entertainment and more about the fundamentals like farms and mines. This is where the logic falls down. They need to be able to produce things to sustain themselves. First thing I have to do when landing on a planet is to build 20 plus entertainment centres and then go around building a hundred more across my empire is a nonsense.


And I just checked two of my latest colonies. Not counting the upgrades needed because of the population problem, I have built 40 on each of them. 40 as compared to a couple of beron mines. This is out of balance. And that’s what’s required to bring them into positive happiness.


Okay, just added another world. I am now up to effectively 80 + effective units of entertainment per planet. That’s a sum total of over 2000 individual entertainment units. How is that in any way balanced?


Sounds like you’re at the point of diminishing returns with adding planets. How many planets do you have?


Only 29. Not even near max.


Yeah, I think you missed a few memos along the way. The devs stated pretty clearly they didn’t want organic players to have 36 planets (the Toaster cap), they wanted it to get extremely painful above 25 I think it was.

So ‘only 29’ is a lot.


Bah. And humbug, says I.