Speed Server Pew Pewwwww

You guessed it. Black Sails will fly their sails again (but actually for the first time… lol)

See you all in speed server :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: If we have to play Minescape for even a day we are out

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Oh Pulease! Don’t say that! its a red rag to the Bull that is Teeo (and others he knows I single him out coz he can take it!) Give it at least a week - I mean 5 days Newbie protection at 10x virtually guarantees SOMEBODY will have mines surely!


Zath, old friend, the dumpster-fire clan that claims to be anti-zerg is coming at this server like the very same zerg they claim to hate.

We won’t be there, at least not in force, so have fun with that.

I’m sure the completely untested latest version of minescape will work out fine at 10x or 100x or whatever speed this server’s going to play at. The completely untested research system will have minefields up and running in a few hours, right? I mean what could go wrong?

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Oh god we were doing fine until you came with more BS and lies.

We are going in to Skirmish with 5 players. I know 5 of our players is like 100 of your players but I assure you there are only 5 of us. :slight_smile:



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If your Alliance hates mines so much why did one of you mine someone else’s colonized system without so much as a warning? That was the first of NegativeRadical’s dishonorable acts.

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We had our fun but I am starting to worry about your ability to do math :confused:
Cause you say 5 of your players equal like a 100 of COTP, yet Kalisa single handily held back like 5 of your players. Me and Akokdage held back 7 of your players in fact we pushed you back.

I say this with real concern in my heart for you, maybe spend less time playing outscape and maybe finish high school or take some extra courses in math? Math will get you a lot further in life than outscape will, prioritize Daktak Prioritize

So just to correct you, it seems you need 3-5 top Black Sails members to take on 1 COTP member, thats the correct Math there buddy.

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Hey Rislem, without getting drawn into trolling, just to correct some of “your” math :stuck_out_tongue: , at least to the best of my knowledge before I quit main2…

Kalisa (who was awesome, all honor to her!) fought 3 of us: me, Radik and Czar.

You and Ako did great too, but I don’t remember there ever being 7 against you, although I was not part of that front. Reukan who quit before the fight broke out, Fenkle who quit in the middle because his wife died., Gav who stuck it out, Praetor who stuck it out until close to the end, and Czar who arrived late. You guys also had Fluffy Bunny as well. I could be missing a few, my lamentable memory, but those were the key players I recall.

Of course COTP needed 9 and 14 against me on alpha3 and main1 respectively. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t know if you realize but you missed at least 5-6 names.

Snake, Devil, Shibby, Melting Eyes, Dak (Czar’s alt), and Slime were right there, or right in that area supporting.

Edit: We had about 3 main people in the area, and 3 supporting members, two quit due to IRL stuff before anyone even showed up, one dude was a traitor/alt account, and you had already pushed through 2-3 other people.

All in all, almost every battle in Main 2, COTP were outnumbered or about even numbers in almost every engagement, except up north. You call us the Zerg, but that didn’t happen at all, and a lot of you are complaining about how far away people were sending fleets, but you had 2 guys that were sending fleets from 200-300 ly+ in the form of mostly corvettes.

I mean, honestly, you guys are slowly turning in to what you keep dinging us about on a daily basis.

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That may have been the first of NR’s dishonorable acts on this server, but it’s far from their first.

Perception is reality for some. Facts be damned.

We prefer it this way, tbh.


Kalisa crushed Snake and Devil early on, they contributed very little, some fuel was about the extent of it.

Shibby and Melting Eyes were allied but, at least as of my last playing, they were non-participants in any of the actual conflicts.

I agree, the conflicts were much more balanced on main2; it was very refreshing! :smiley:

It’s an exaggeration to say that Black Sails has ever approached anywhere near the number of players that COPT has had on its roster. What we did manage was to balance COTP on effective active combatants. Now, wasn’t it a lot more challenging?! :smiley: However, you still have to remember that COPT and AE were allied as well!

But alas this is a speed server post. we should strive to stay on topic. My bad as well.

Last comment. Here is Cheatle’s roster for Main 2. Pretty clear what’s going on and denying it is simply insulting.

Alliance Rosters.txt (4.7 KB)

I shall comment no further. But I also won’t apologize. :wink:

Well we both can agree the value isnt 20:1 like daktak is arguing haha,

Yeah there was 7 guys but I do agree some quit before the end,

It was Reukann, Dekefentle, Gavoid, Preator, Czar, Daktaklak, Meltingeyes and you, but ok I didnt see any activity from you sadly and yes Reukann quit when we started and sad about Dekefentle, Gavoid/Preator stuck it out for long and Czar/daktak depending on which account he was on was also there but he didnt do much except talk smack about our alliance in private chat lol and then Meltingeyes threw in his ships but it was to late at that point people started fading.

My point is with Daktak/czar whoever he is on right now, is trying to blame minefields for there loss and claim “oh we kicked cotps bum because we killed so many newbie players” I feel if you want to claim victory over another alliance then you need to be able to take on there best. Hence why you might notice I have never said “I won against black sails” because you werent there :stuck_out_tongue: I consider you among there best, with Preator and gavoid, not this loud mouth multiboxing Czar that really thought his fleets of destroyers was going to take on my dread fleets lol

But yeah Beli, next time! really home we can lock horns one day.

And Quezar and whoever else is handing you stuff (presumably all your “friends” who made those all those clumped together homeworlds in your space). One handy thing a Borg guy did was write a scoreboard tracker (it would be nice if the actual scoreboard did this, btw) so that trends can be watched and it’s easy to see your score go up 20k-30k at a time at the exact same moment someone else in your clan loses 20k-30k.

I think my favorite thing about you is the way you take full credit for things your allies do and give them absolutely no credit what-so-ever for all the help they give you. It really paints a particular picture of you.

Your truly the only one so interested in me that you are monitoring me so closely lol, Yes my score would gain and drop as I was swapping my income planets and research planets around a LOT, its the advantages of having a stable economy, you can help others. My main income planet is worth a cool 19k score and I have several of them.

Quezer sadly was deployed, he is in the US army, so its true he stood down several MG planets for me so I can take control of it, which again so many players have done when there friends quit but I suppose its ok if others do it but not me?

funny thing is I see it happend all the time from Dirtdrvier and the other guy cant recall his name now, one second they gain 30k then they lose 30k, yet you dont complain about them?

Seriously slamz get a hobby your interest in me is slowly turning into stacking… and you clearly envy me a lot cause this is now getting even more sad then it was a few min ago.

I suppose when preator quit and gifted all his dread fleets to a gavoid that doesnt count? So again your so fixated on me your completely blinded about everything around you, no wonder your so bad at this game that you have to make up your own reality.

So your again ok with Czar and Daktak actually being the same person mutli boxing but not a single word from you against them?

I am honestly asking you now slamz, do you envy me? If you like I can speak to Cheatle and maybe you join COTP and I will train you in the art of playing outscape. You clearly need some guidance.

He hasn’t come to the forums to brag about it and omit the contributions of his allies.
Only you do that. You’re so very egotistical for a guy who has other people playing the game for him.

Again with the “other people” Quezer doesnt deserve credit as he didnt put in the hours, if he actually sat with me like Akokage did and we rotated our sleep schedule then sure, but he didnt, at best he gave me a few planets I utilize which frankly if he really quit I would of ended up taking it by force lol

Your starting to scare me to be honest, “stranger danger” lol but I appreciate you none the less, cause your a joke for me and pretty much anyone that reads this, You and Rae should form a alliance or something, 2 clowns together what can go wrong.

and I didnt come here to brag I simply came here to correct Daktak with his 20:1 ratio that it takes 20 COTP members to take on 1 Black sails which isnt nearly the correct ratio. But there you go in your fantasy world, Your like my biggest fan it seems.

Just to quote you,“he hasnt come to the forums to brag” so your ok with multiboxing as long as they dont tell anyone or get caught? Man your moral compass is way out you truely only believe whatever you want, so its as long as the player isnt better than you or openly mocking you, your ok with multiboxing. lol So because I have friends that made me a stronger player, your not ok with that because what? you got no friends and hence your a shitty player and cant play with the big dogs unless they all leave the server and your the only one left? At least if your going to hammer me for apparently cheating at least take a stand against all cheaters, not just the players you envy.

That isn’t even updated to who was actually playing, and second, it doesn’t consider regional situations.

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