Special slot on every hull

Is there any reason we shouldn’t be able to have a mine detector or cloak detector on every hull? These two items especially so should be able to be used on every Hull at least. Though my actual preference is to have those abilities added to tier-2 ship’s scanners.

I wouldn’t object to this ability becoming like the T4 iteration of the Tech. I do think that these modules ought to be more expensive and/or larger than their custom designed equivalents to preserve an advantage of the specialist corvette Hulls in terms of build time and utility.

Question: DO you envision a larger corvette being able this way to mount an extra special electronics module? THAT might skew things I wonder?

I just don’t see it as realistic that anyone wouldn’t put those capabilities on every warship at least. It would be like building a modern aircraft carrier without sonar or radar and relying on PT boats to do the job.

I can see how it would render cloaking less useful for attacks. But I don’t think corvettes should be an attack ship they should be a glorified reconnaissance ship.

Minefields should be detectable by everything with tier 2 scanners and up IMO.

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I can see the restricftion desire and would be open to frigates deploying cloak and mine detectors