Spawn Code won't generate

I’m trying to create a spawn code and it won’t generate a code. I’m pm details if I can get to it quick enough.

System that I was generating it in was not my own, are we REQUIRED to put our friends in our own system? If so that’s really not a good idea. Why can’t they be wherever in my territory?

It seems based on Beli’s post, he was able to create a spawn code within his own system. Why in the world would you limit it like this? What if I have more than one friend? If you are trying to eliminate Alts, you are doing so at the expense of actually getting new players. Most people have more than one friend, by limiting it to a HW system, you are eliminating that possibility. @joe

I think your allowed to put them in any system you have a planet already there. I had a look you need at least two planets in the system where you are trying to give the spawn code. You need a planet there for yourself and another to be able to give away the second planet as a spawn code.

hmmmmm, I disagree with them doing it that way if that’s the case. Why do I have to permanently reside in the same system? Not saying I won’t, just why is it necessary when the system is within my territory (ie the system next door to mine). I was trying to help a friend get started beside me before I could get all mine done. I guess he’ll just have to wait - bad for business IDA…

I just telling you how they had set it up. I did check before telling you just to make sure it was correct. It’s not that you have to stay there in system but to setup the spawn code correctly you need to have the two planets in same system till your friend uses the code then you can move that planet on.

It’s difficult to afford two colonizers on day 1 of the game. But thanks for checking. @joe I think you’re shooting yourselves in the foot with this one.

If that’s how it’s working it sounds like a bug. I spoke about this with a dev earlier and they confirmed there should be no restriction on having more than one planet in a system and that they didn’t see an issue when testing it earlier. I’ll see if I can reproduce it.

I’ve checked the screenshot you sent me and it is a bug. It looks like the request to generate the spawn code failed for some reason - the response wasn’t returned. But the game client was stuck in limbo. I’ve seen this before on our test environment, and restarting the client fixed it. I’ll create a task for this process to be made more robust if the request fails.

The first time it happened was before the 20 min short maintenance. I tried again after, as it was allowing me to and it happened again.

I’m glad it’s a bug vs being intentional, thanks. I’ll try it again once I have some resources to spare to build another colonizer and try it again.