Something Changed since I last played?

It now appears that you can lose a planet all the time even when your defending troops outnumber the attackers. Kind of makes the whole game pointless now with all the new changes (I assume). Not to mention the total lack of notifications - STILL. I gonna plod on and watch how broken the game now appears, see how long till he can take all my colonies, come on ! quicker ! lol

PS had some planets rebel ! is that also a new feature ?

I assume you mean riot, this is not new. It is also not new that you can loose/win an invasion even if the defender is stronger. Its an RNG thing that people have complained about for a while now. The only ways to improve this, is to limit how much the RNG affects the battles either by reducing the strength of the multiplier or by having the invasion take place over several battles.

It has been like this for at least a month or so when I lost a planet even though I had 20% higher troop strength. The variance/RNG for planetary invasions seems quite high.

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No, it was showing my planets that got captured as an ally planet. I just did not notice that the ones I refered to were/had been under attack :slight_smile: Guess its a bug as surely they should be shown as red or nothing at all. Thanks.

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