Some simple but useful QoL

As we are nearing endgame on the Andradite server and the amount of micro and clicks are reaching an unbearable level. So not sure where we are with these but here is my summary of much needed QoL improvements that should not take too much dev resources.

Simple fleet save/load functionality

Logging in and seeing that you have 50+ ships to create fleets from is a very tedious activity. This can be remedied with a simple but effective fleet save/apply mechanism.

In the fleet screen, right next to Auto formations, add two buttons. One is SAVE FLEET FORMATION and the other LOAD FLEET FORMATION. The former opens up a popup with a text box where you put the name, which will be the ID of the formation, and it will save the current fleet formation of ships, using the ship names as ID, including firing strategy. Should a fleet formation exist with that name, a confirmation box comes up asking you if you want to overwrite the existing one.

The load functionality opens up a popup with a list of saved fleet formations where you select and then options APPLY and DELETE and maybe VIEW/EDIT later on but that requires more work. If APPLY is selected it will use the ships in the current fleet and applies the formation by using the ship names as ID. Any ship name that is not part of the saved fleet formation will be put in the overflow, just like ships are put now when adding a ship to a fleet without enough room. Clicking SPLIT FLEET will pre-populate those ships in split section, should you decide to remove them from the fleet.

SHIFT+move command

This is mainly for exploring systems and what it does is to queue up move commands so when you select a fleet you can hold the SHIFT key and then by left clicking a location it will queue up a maximum of X movement commands and execute them in order. Should the move be interrupted, by for example the ship being attacked, it will resume after, assuming the fleet was not destroyed.

This can later be expanded to queue up more than just move commands but that would require more effort.

Group creation and movement/attacking

Currently when you have lots of fleets to move around, attack, etc, you have to select each on individually and that is very tedious when you just want to move fleet around. Many RTS have group selection/creation for this. So all this would do is if you hold LEFT or RIGHT mouse then a selection box comes up to multiselect several fleets, alternatively clicking SHIFT plus RIGHT CLICK would add that fleet to the current selection. Some kind of visible border around the fleets would indicate that it is part of the selection and SHIFT RIGHT CLICK would remove it from the selection.

Then you can either move the selected group or you could press CTRL+N where N is 0-9 and a group will be saved and assigned to that number so you can select a group of units by hot key and then order them to execute commands.

So thoughts? On the face of it, it does not appear to be much development for this but it would help tremendously with the excessive micro in this game which has given me mouse finger!


For me,the stupid amount of crap planets is an issue ! I have mentioned this before,but starting with mostly RED planets with stupid 5k or less size makes it a non starter for a ppl. I started the new server with nothing but garbage planets around me,in starter system and nearby systems,which resulted in me losing. New ppl will just leave with such crap starting res, I persevered as I am old and sad. Love the game, and hope it lives on. Great most bugs sorted, but basic things like this need sorting for the future. thanks.

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Yeah I think there are too many crap planets which serves no purpose and creates an uneven starting field.

Not sure what the point is in spawning useless red planets with tiny size. They are just dead weight. Better then to reduce the number of planets and only have mediocre planets as worst.

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