Some parting thoughts

Hi all.

I’m a relatively new player, having started playing the skirmish and main galaxy a couple of months ago, but not really getting any further than a small time bit of empire management, mostly just building spreadsheets, without really engaging in any PVP. That changed when I joined the Awaken the Dark galaxy, initially just with the intent to mess around a little bit.

As I am writing this, I am rank #1 Grand Emperor, Master of Warfare, and Industrialist in this galaxy with at least a 20% margin on all scores. So, perfect time for me to quit the game, as clearly it has taken up way to much of time to the point where it’s become detrimental to my personal life.

Before I leave however, I wanted to leave you all with some thoughts and the devs with some general notes I’ve been keeping on game since I started playing. I’m a veteran of many MMO style games, having played them since the beginning of 2000 often times at the highest level. As such, I feel at least a little bit qualified to give these remarks.

First off, let me start with some commentary on the community. This game draws heavy parallels to the game Planetarion, which was a game I played intensely around 2000. Obviously there are many differences, but the basic gist is the same: a round the clock space themed game in which you have to expand and defend your empire with a heavy focus on PVP. As such, I’ve found parallels in the way the community is developing as well. Because of the amount of time and effort we put in our empires, losing (parts of) them is a such heavy blow that it’s almost personal. Spycraft and subterfuge also become real elements to success at the top level, which can amount to personal fallout and feelings of betrayal.

During my time in planetarion, things had gotten so bad people actively disliked each other irl. Factions that lost in one round, would team up and redouble their efforts and try to humiliate their enemy in the next. It was simply a bitter contest, with very little fun at all. And people would cross boundaries, both in their personal lives and ingame to achieve their goals. Back in planetarion that meant multiple accounts, sharing your login with your friends, ddosing the enemy IRC server, but also getting up every night at 3 am to send your fleets.

Some of that I already have seen here in my short time, and I don’t think it’s healthy for the community. And while I think game design and development choice should try to address this, I also think the community should take responsibility. The ones who are playing now will be setting the trend and the tone of the music for the ones that come after the game goes live. If you want this game to succeed, as I’m sure you do, then take responsibility and build a healthy community.

An important part of that is realizing that this is a game, and that the game is usually the most fun when it’s competitive. Having one faction or one block of factions in control and wiping out all the rest, is not fun gameplay. It turns people off from playing, and plays into the very emotions I mentioned earlier. As a community, I would urge everyone to liken a new galaxy to a round of paintball that you and a bunch of other people are collectively playing. When doing so, you would always split teams up evenly, and even rotate teams to keep things fresh and balanced. Adopting and promoting this mindset would in my mind prevent the type of factionization and accompanied problems I encountered in Planetarion and, in part, already have seen here.

For the developers, I would add that also in this stage it’s important to crack down on exploits and abuse of game mechanics. Already I have seen multiple people with more than 1 account, with no real effort or intent to hide it (Rae = Veigr) and taking advantage of it. Also when sieging Chiral’s planet and him abusing certain mechanics to gain an advantage, he indicated to me that even though he would characterize it as “hacks” he had no qualms in using it and was happy for me to post everything to the devs and or forum including his name. To me this indicates that players feel free to abuse game mechanics without fear of repercussions. I know this kind of stuff takes up time you’d rather use elsewhere and this is basically alpha, but it’s absolutely ridiculous that prominent players of this community feel free to act in the way that they do without any sort of pushback. It disheartens people who want to play it straight, and encourages others to simply start cheating as well.

Lastly, I want to give a quick shout to the folks at Black and Solid, thank you for giving me a (short lived) home. It’s been an absolutely wild ride with you guys from beginning to end! This all started out with Black rudely attacking my home systems one day, causing me to completely relocate my stuff. But because ConsortiumCzar was actually a good sport about it, we ended up teaming up. Funny how that goes.

In any case. Here are some of the notes and feedback I’ve been keeping on the game. I specifically kept them from the start as to also include the perspective from a new player, and I write this fully understanding that much of this may have already been discussed or the devs are already aware of and have plans for, and that this is a pre-beta game which obviously will have failings. They are in random order and please excuse me if they sound a little bit curt at times - it is only for brevity’s sake and I fully understand that when I think something should be one way, you may have good reasons to do it another way.

General feedback / mechanics

  • As discussed, I believe ingame measures should be taken to prevent factionization. An obvious mechanism to prevent this already exists ingame: travel distance and time. I believe spawn codes should be removed from the game and people ought to be placed randomly across the galaxy. Regionality should play a large factor in how player interactions are shaped, as your neighbours are the only ones who can harm or help you. This should be coupled with a mindset change from standing alliances to per-round alliances promoted by the devs. Shorter rounds/galaxies may help in furthering this, as an unlucky spawn won’t forever hamper you.

  • Planetary exploration is a very important part of the game as intelligence is key, but currently is mindnumbingly dull work. The first round of exploration is one thing, but then at a certain point you might get backdoored and you are forced to re-explore planets you’ve already visited. I know there are balancing issues here and the idea of secretly taking a planet should be part of the game, but it’s just too much effort and work right now to get intelligence. Perhaps some sort of automated visit of all planets in the system could be added. The benefit of manually scouting being that you can safescout and use cloak, the downsize of the automated planet visits that they can’t use cloak and you will stop at planets (maybe for several minutes?) and get shot down.

  • In line with this point, Explorer rank should not be based on furthest distance but on amount of planets visited/scanned.

  • Also, there should exist an option to share intelligence on a planet with another player AND/OR alliance. Lack of oversight right now is one of the hardest things when coordinating efforts. That could also be part of the solution of the scouting issue, as the work can be divided among multiple players.

  • Right now there is no endgame objective. In fact, the best way to make score is to NOT engage in warfare but to hang back and simply produce fleet (looking at you Shock, sim city boy!), so you take none of the risk and all of the reward. Endgame objectives should be driven by resource scarcity, or at least that resource income is higher when engaging in (successful) warfare.

  • Awaken the Dark galaxy resource / credit income is insanely overtuned. Currently I have it set up so that I can keep 3 MG shipyards building almost 24/7. The only time I am not producing is when during my sleep the fleet cap is hit. Also consider that research and beron planets can be demolished at a certain time for further farsu/zyril income. I think with more optimization I could get up to 5 MG shipyards running full time. Right now I have over 1400 battleships, 300 cruisers and 100 dreadnoughts in my armada. That’s just plain silly.

  • Docked fleets do not count towards player score. Maybe that is OK in a slow galaxy, but in Awaken the Dark this means maximum score is a function of available fleet slots. Right now, a syntis player can never be #1 player in this galaxy due to lack of slots.

  • It should not be possible to gift fleets, planets and maybe even resources. This is a PVP game with personal scores and it’s absolutely unacceptable that one person could win because they are being fed resources/fleets/score by other players. I can see the logic in sharing resources, but perhaps only Olzine and Limbalt should be sharable, or there should be downsides and/or limits to what can be shared (a tax, diminishing returns, timeouts etc, I don’t know).

  • Auto-hauling randomly stops. I haven’t been able to figure out how/why, it does not appear to be a resource limitation at the source.

  • In Awaken the Dark in system travel times using thrusters to warp should be lowered. They are absolutely frustrating at the moment and form a significant portion of the travel time.

  • Minefields should not work in systems or in planetary orbits. They should allow for out of system tactics, but in system they are too powerful. Defenders have no counterplay when they are forced inside of their fleet dock. Additionally, currently they are not even visible in system.

  • Connected with the above, minefields working allows for the exploit of sending in a ship to scout planetary orbit, trigger defending ships to auto-engage which will then get hit by a minefield. Great way to kill fleet from an offline player.

  • Orbital combat mechanics seem to dictate that for every defensive ship active and unengaged, one of the attacking fleets must break off and engage. This might result in breaking orbital attack lock. Players can abuse timing conditions however to get multiple fleets to attack a single fleet. The way this works is that attacking ships get locked and engaged on the last known position of the enemy ship. It takes a few seconds however usually to reach that position, at which point they become unengaged
    again and do a new check for an enemy ship. If in those few seconds however, the defending player managed to dock and undock that fleet, the original engaging attacking ship is chasing a “ghost”, and a new fleet will break off and engage the “newly” appeared fleet. This can also be accomplished by the defending ship changing course as many times as possible. Each course change will prompt the attacking armada to select a new fleet to engage the ship. The end result is that 1 fleet can distract up to 10-20 attacking fleets.

  • When using the fast docking/undocking mechanic, this also tends to result in interface and client errors on the attacking side. As lookups seem to fail, adding further confusion and problems to the attack.

  • Recommended solution: docking/undocking should not be instantaneous and take a few seconds before coming into effect. Fleets should be visible and have the state “docking” and be paralyzed during those moments.

  • An additional strange artifact of orbital combat mechanics is that players are incentivized to build “dummy” ships that have short building time and require very little resources. These will draw auto-engages from the attacking fleets. Coupled with docking/undocking or the human trait this allows for very asymmetrical defense. The price of “distraction” for attacking fleets becomes unrealisticly low because of this.

  • Many ingame errors seem related to lookups of disappeared objects (split / merged fleets, docking and undocking fleets, etc). My guess is the laggier you are the more it happens. A few catch statements in the right place would really go a long way towards player happiness.

  • Do not display a debug view in planet management screen after a recoverable interface error. This debug view blocks important information (it’s exactly over the ODS count) and the only way to remove it is a lenghty restart of the client. Players almost never need it anyway. Otherwise, add tick box to never show after first viewing (per session of course).

  • Generally speaking defenders advantage feels too large at the moment. My guess is that this is the result of trying to safeguard offline players. But when a player is actively online this results in very hard to break planets. The amount of ODS and troops that can be built in a short time also remove the element of choice from a planet design in Awaken the Dark. Invasions almost never happen because players can just built troops up in time, and the amount of ODS that can be put on a planet is challenging player fleet caps, requiring multiple players to siege a planet with 150+ fleets, which then results in extreme lag and client errors which again add to defenders advantage. Basically you have to assault a planet with 50x the amount of resources that are defending it. That is just out of whack. Coupled with shenanigans like docking/undocking to break ODS lock and also the human trait of instantly spawning (dummy) ships it just becomes unrealistic. Perhaps offline players should simply get some sort of defense by virtue of being offline (ie OS locks and invasions take longer or something) rather than balancing online vs online play for that. I know this is a difficult area, but I honestly wonder if the game can be balanced in the same state around online and offline play.

  • Planet Maxpop should be balanced around optimal land mass, not total land mass. Ripchee have optimal LM for growth at 30% but can still achieve growth at 90%+ LM with optimal temp, meaning the compensating extra pop they get for low LM is just a straight up bonus. Players regularly seek out planets with the highest LM, which just seems strange to me. If it’s intended mechanic and the game is or will be balanced around that, great, but right now that does not seem to be the case at least.

  • PR corvettes are severely underpowered. I guess that better dread + more HP on ships should compensate for that, but in practice I wonder if that’s the case. Ship positioning is exceptionally awkard and already a detriment for PR for higher HP, and Ripchee get extra damage on their big ships plus the fantastic corvettes. I have not won a single corvette battle at all (humans 6/6 vs my 5/5, and syntis get to use medium weapons) and I’ve straight up been forced to just put 4 battleships or something with a corvette if I want to get real use out of sweepers and cloak detectors. I will use solo 4/9 vettes for the speed still, but those often get sniped of course. Because a lot of the fleet combat revolves around corvette action, it does feel disadvantaged right now. But of course, it’s much easier to experience the disadvantages than the advantages of your race.

  • Ship fights now generally tend to revolve around putting the most value in a fleet. On the one hand this makes sense, but on the other hand this kills innovative fleet formations.

  • Generally speaking I think ships should be able to carry more fuel (or use less), or maybe fly at 2/7 instead of 1/7. Warp 1 is just so incredibly slow it’s not even funny. There are use cases for flying 1/7 combat fleets, but they feel very limited and punishing at the moment. I understand that speed can also be very advantageous, but in Awaken the Dark right now it’s almost not used at all. This seems like a shame to me.

  • Currently resources can be disappeared by dropping a planet while buildings and ships are in queue. This can either happen from OS or removing the population. This is being used by defending players to remove stacked resources, for instance by spending all the Farsu/Zyril on ships (that will never pop out) and scrapping buildings that would yield beron. This should be a high priority fix in my mind, as it further disincentivizes attacking. Resources should NEVER be allowed to be “disappeared”.

  • Points received from shooting down pirate fleets should probably count for about 50% of what they do now, if not a third. I know for a fact that a good portion of my Master of Warfare score comes from pirates. Pirates are PvE and should not really count for that much. Another top 5 player in the MoW score for the Awaken the Dark galaxy I also know for certain has only been minimally involved in PvP conflicts, but has been actively shooting down pirates (we’re neighbours so I can see). ODS kills should also count for less than they do now (I would also say 50%), as there is no real skill involved. The true master of warfare in Awaken the Dark is without a doubt ConsortiumCzar.


  • Right as I started playing, I was confused by the fact that left mouse click is used to both select target and confirm action. Most games have left click for select (and deselect when target is selected), whereas outscape turns this around. I don’t understand why this is, as I’ve frequently had to fix a heading because of a misclick this way. This is especially frustrating when the ship has left a planet orbit because of my misclick and I have to first bring the ship back and then try again. Also, because of interface lag ghost clicks are the norm and many players have developed the habit of left clicking and following up with a very fast right click to deselect the target. Switching “confirm action” when setting a course on a fleet to the right mouse click and “deselect object” to the left, would fix this. Every other game has this, for I’m betting precisely this reason.

  • Generally speaking almost every interaction seems to require server confirmation. I’m playing from the EU so I think perhaps I might notice this a bit more than NA players, but this causes the interface to be very laggy and non-intuitive at times. Most notably this is felt when transferring resources between objects, with every transfer requiring a lookup/confirmation with the server. Another great (and enormously frustrating) example of this is setting fleet names. When highlighting the fleet name it will do a lookup, and then while I am typing the new name, ADD the looked up fleet name (which the client already had!!) to what I am typing. I feel this could be solved by keeping a local buffer on some values and then do a verification AFTER, rather than DURING. If an illegal transaction is attempted because someone was hacking memory or the client, this could result in a failure notice. Overall I think this would add performance and a feeling of snappiness to the interface, with the trade off being at times some failed transactions that a player has to redo. Well worth it in my view.

  • Fleet resource transfer should show total empty space in addition to occupied / max possible per resource.

  • Fleet renaming should be possible from right click context menu.

  • When clicking on “show fleet” from the galaxy overview I almost NEVER want to zoom in to the fleet fully. Please just move the view to the fleet on a system level, and maybe highlight or select the fleet in question. If I want to zoom in, I can always do that with an extra action.

  • Overall there are too many clicks in this game. Why do I need to confirm that a fleet has been split, just show me a short highlight and then bring back the menu. Before going live, I would make a concerted effort as a team to see in which places clicks can be spared or simplified.

  • Fleet splitting should allow for more intelligent options, such as: split entire fleet into options of 1/2/3 with a certain name.

  • Fleet splitting should allow the split off fleet to have the same name as the original fleet.

  • There should be an option to “move all” resources in a ship. Most resource transfers involve me moving everything from a fleet. This again would save several clicks.

  • Please let players cancel multiple buildings with SHIFT/CONTROL or some other key in combination with the mouse click. Shift for 10, control for full queue, or something like that.

  • Colonizing planets currently gives a quick short AND a popup. Personally, I want neither. But at least just remove the short or give an option to do so. It’s delayed by a few seconds and ALWAYS gets in the way of managing the planet. Especially when colonizing planets that require actions to remove negative pop growth this is very annoying.

  • There currently is no simple/easy way to see what ships are in a fleet. I can split or zoom, but neither just shows me: 5x type A, 3x type B, 2x type C, I have to count myself. Combat fleets tend to be a certain type/setup, and having a quick overview like this would save a lot of time.

  • Ship combat is entirely nebulous. I assume this is part of this stage of development, but ultimately some sort of combat log or overview should be added. I want to see how much damage a ship did or took, during which times of the fight. I need feedback to optimize my fleets, right now it’s just squinting your eyes and making a best effort guess.

  • Reviewing completed fleet battles should have a stop/pause button, and the ability to rewind or go to a certain time code. It certainly should not auto-quit after the viewing is completed. I’m trying to learn what happened, having to reselect the combat event and watch the entire event in one go without viewing controls is very frustrating.

  • Setting fleet formations is a source of great frustration. Ships auto-snap to switch when I’m trying to position, and in tight formations sometimes it’s not possible to get them out of that mode. Allow for the Shift key to force positioning and override the auto-detect for switching.

  • There is no feedback on whether LOS is achieved/prevented in the fleet formations, while this is key part of the choices. LOS indicators should become part of the formation view.

  • There is no reason setting fleet formations should be in-engine 3D. It’s just eating resources and adding to the frustration of the process. I realize that it’s cool to have everything in-engine like that, but giving me a schematic overview would be MUCH nicer, and probably also make any sight lines or field of view per weapon/ship much easier to to show.

  • Please allow for the option to save/load fleet formations. It would save an enormous amount of time.

  • Please add confirmation menu for recycling fleets in fleet dock. I have definitely accidentally recycled a full 18/18 dread fleet because of that.

  • Auto-hauling routes should have a permanent line indicator (including when the ship is waiting for resources) with a different colour than the regular white.

  • Auto hauling routes should show the haul order that is being given (x amount of resources per hour) on hover.

  • Auto-hauling between planets should have more options such as “X amount of resources per haul”, “Total amount of resources”, or “Fetch resources from source” (works with cans but not planets).

  • Transferring resources per hour should calculate the return trip time and use this as input for the amount of resources to load.

  • Build times of infrastructure should be visible before building, not only after.

  • Rather than just offering a confirmation popup when queuing buildings that put a planet over the maximum workforce / power values, add visual indicators that are calculated real time in the build menu before clicking. This would save a lot of time/clicks figuring out the exact right amount of buildings to order.

  • Dismantling buildings has a two digit cap. You can only give dismantle orders for max 99 buildings at a time. If you want to dismantle 120 buildings and type it in, it registers as 12.

  • Hover tags should periodically check (0.5s) if their status has changed and update. For instance, if I hover over unexplored planet and the status changes to explored, the updated stats do not become visible.

  • In Galaxy Overview -> Planets; please add column for planet diameter. Or allow planet hover tab as if in system to appear when hovering over planet name column.

  • Travel time in Awaken the Dark is incorrectly calculated as in-system thruster travel time is not taken into account. This is usually a significant portion of the travel time.

  • Happiness at 100% should be slightly “sticky” for interface purposes. When planets in Galaxy Overview are aligned by happines and tax rate is adjusted for maximum benefit, the view gets realigned and the planet may disappear from view when adding 1 click too many. If happiness were to “stick” at 100% for at least 30 seconds, this would be averted. Also, there appears to be a bug that when the tax rate is adjusted so that the happiness delta stays positive and the total happiness it at 100%, the happiness on recalculation briefly shows 99%. This either prompts me to check if I adjusted the tax rate correctly OR temporarily changes the alignment of planets in the overview.

  • In galaxy overview, allow click to highlight planet row. When scrolling, this makes it much easier to see where you were.

  • More advanced filter/sorting options in galaxy overview for planets would be nice. Not sure if there is a balancing argument to be made here, but generally speaking I believe players should be granted with tools and the options to view information as best as possible, with the distinguishing factor being the CHOICE you make from that information. Hiding information or making information difficult to access as a game mechanic never feels like great design to me. Not saying that this here is the case, but just pre-empting any potential discussion regarding this.

  • When receiving diplomacy requests/messages, language localization is carried over. IE, I received a german NAP message (not the player input) instead of an English one. Seems as if the client is generating a localized string. Better would be to send request ID’s over that can then be displayed in the local language.

  • Double clicking on Fleet destination in Galaxy Overview should focus the camera on that destination. Normal restrictions such as enemy fleets having to be in sensor range should still apply.

  • Ship ranges are indicated in LY, but there are no ingame aids on the maps to get a good feel for how many LY a particular distance is. A grid or measuring tool would be very helpful. Additionally, when plotting a course it shouldn’t just say the time but also the amount of LY. Fleets already en route could display LY travelled, total LY journey and percentage, perhaps in a “LY_travelled / LY_total (percentage)” format.

  • Ability to set markers on map would be greatly appreciated. Also the ability to share said markers with other players.

  • Some general empire wide notes should be able to set. Such as “bring X to X”, either in the form of notes or tasks.

  • Interface should provide more cross sections of the empire. For instance, where are all the deep mines located, and of what type are they. Or for fleets: provide a view that allows ordering by ship design, seeing in what fleets they are, allowing ships to be reassigned there and come to new location. Resource overview: how much beron/farsu/etc is incoming per hour. How much total do I have of each resource, how much buffer is left in my planets.

  • Ship design screen should allow access to designs already researched. Now researched designs are only available from shipyard. This is so counter intuitive that after 600 hours of play time I still find myself clicking ship designs if I want to access already researched designs.

  • Please allow for the option to rename ship designs. A proper naming scheme is important to keep overview/order and can take some time to figure out. Having to re-research ships to get the right name is silly.

  • When looking at researched design form the shipyard view and selecting a ship type “Destroyers”, selecting a ship design and clicking Back, the selection filter is not remembered. Usually I’m looking to see if I have a design that will fit a current need and I want this filter to be remembered. Now it involves re-clicking “Destroyers” and then looking at a second design.

  • It’s very hard to see what modules are installed on a ship once built or researched. For instance, when inspecting a ship in detail, there is no way to see if it has a asteroid mining module installed schematically. Hovering over the module and reviewing a popup is required. A schematic overview of installed modules would also be very helpful here, rather than just the stats the ship can achieve.

  • In galaxy overview, show progress for buildings/ships. Suggestion: clock ticker over icon (such as a skill cooldown in many games) and when hovering over see time required to finish building.

  • When moving resources between ship and planet, when using backspace to remove a minimum value of 1 is placed that cannot be removed by using backspace. Instead, you have to use left arrow to move cursor and input new value. The 1 stays part of the value until manually removed. Ideally the backspace should just remove the 1 so you can input a new value.

  • Sorting by Fleet Status in Galaxy overview should sort moving fleets based on ETA.

  • Show range circle when selecting fleet for max boosted range

  • Clicking on Fleet overview in main screen top left should bring up Fleet view as from the Galaxy Overview.

  • When selecting ship in orbit and using the Transfer resource option, the planet it’s orbiting should be highlighted already, rather than having to click it again. Usually the planet is the desired target anyway.

  • When in planet managing menu, click on another planet in same system should instantly bring up that planet, not display “moving” animation.

  • When in the resources transfer menu, the “Back” button is slightly misaligned, showing the shadow of an underlying “back” button.

Right, I guess that’s all for me. If I think of more stuff I will add it, but for now: thanks for an exciting few months, and I hope this game does great!


I have thought about this some time ago and dont personally see any way for the devs to help this along without making the grave mistake of forcing it onto players. Do you see a way to encourage this or disagree with me? I just dont think i have ever seen an attempt at a solution to this ever actually work.

Hit the ~ key, type help, type hide_debug_info, carry on.

Some solid points, for sure.


Right now there is no endgame objective. In fact, the best way to make score is to NOT engage in warfare but to hang back and simply produce fleet (looking at you Shock, sim city boy!), so you take none of the risk and all of the reward. Endgame objectives should be driven by resource scarcity, or at least that resource income is higher when engaging in (successful) warfare.

Just to add to this point. A potential mechanic could be to introduce “planet cores” or something similar. Such planet cores are tokens which are spawned on establishing a colony. Planet cores add a modifier to colony production (+1% resources/credits) or something similar. You can stack up to X amount of planet cores on a planet, allowing for optimized production. Planet cores disappear when a colony is abandoned voluntarily, but remain if a colony is destroyed by orbital strikes. Colonies might also require a planet core before you can abandon them, this to prevent infinite spawning by establishing and abandoning colonies. So the only way to get more planet cores is to invade or destroy other colonies.

Additionally, there should be an upgrade mechanism where you could fuse multiple cores using time/money/resources allowing you to gain more performance from your limited slots, this could happen over multiple tiers. This should be tuned in such a way that highly upgraded planet cores are a limited resource and worth fighting over. This also disincentives larger players to farm smaller players for low tier cores, as they would still have to spend time and resources to upgrade them. Also, player coordination (ie voluntarily destroying one anothers colonies to farm cores) would reach a limit because actual resources are needed for upgrading.

Planet cores can only be moved in ships with a special module for that and can only be carried in a limited number (maybe just 1?), so you can’t stack all the cores in 1 transport and then just move it out of sight somewhere. Fun additional mechanic might be that ships carrying planet cores are highly visible in a certain area and transporting them is dangerous.

The amount and type of planet cores are visible on planet inspection. This type of mechanic would definitely create an incentive to PvP, much more than there is now.

And some additional points I thought of but forgot to mention:

  • Minefield kills should also give reduced MoW points

  • Orbital strikes / pop killed (or a planet kill) should count towards MoW and Galactic Conqueror scores.

  • Allow for scrolling wheel speed to be customizable. Zooming out of systems using mouse wheel or scrolling through a list of fleets in a system is too slow at the moment.

  • Fleets in a system should be listed alphabetically, with a players own fleets coming on top. Now they are all jumbled with allied fleets together and makes it very hard to find something.

Edit addition:

  • Overpopped planets should not lose pop at a static rate, instead the pop loss should scale as a function of the amount of relative overpop. Right now I could build 2 cash planets, overpop 1 of them, and keep it overpopped permanently with only a fraction of the pop growth of the other planet. Also in defensive situations it’s crazy powerful. It should be possible and is a cool mechanic, but it should simply be effective for a shorter time OR require more pop to sustain.

How about some sort of meter depicting empire populations’ views of each other. Exports harm that meter. Imports improve the meter. Perhaps even later in development allow allies’ local victories against known rivals to improve the meter (and vice versa).

If there’d no mutual trade ongoing, eventually the empire exporting will refuse to export to what has become an enemy.

There could, of course, be exceptions and adjustments, but not until content expands enough to encompass such.

Amazing, well-thought-out post and feedback.

The developers would be wise to listen to you but I get the feeling they don’t care about their game as much as people like you and I do.


The owner is pouring his life into the game… He cares.


Really? Because it doesn’t show by their lack of engagement.

Get up off your knees and give them some HONEST feedback!!!

My feedback is only ever honest and from behind the veil of ignorance.

Have you ever started a massive project pretty much by yourself? I’ve started a number of what was intended to be small projects and ended up with quite a behemoth that I never quite finished: I just kept adding to them (a little like the monalisa, although nothing so flashy). I helped start a small company, I was the tech support, office assistant, and plumber for the office inspite of the fact that I was never supposed to be there. Whenever I write a note for/to/about the devs, these experiences are always kept in mind.

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I’ve done a lot of things in my life. Been pretty interesting, actually.

but I’m not here to drone on about that. I’m here to lodge complaints for the community.

Get over it :wink:

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Lolol you complain about my feedback and then tell me to get over it! Bahahaha

Btw, what exactly am I supposed to ‘get over’? Never finishing a project I decided to keep adding to? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Very informative post and sad to see you go! I have only played for about a month and clocked around 250 hours and I am still loving the game but the issues keep piling up (mine-fields and inability to protect yourself while being offline being the worse issues) and I fear that I will soon reach the point that I feel it is not worth it anymore. Thanks for giving me a heads up for issues I might run into.

100% agree with this. It is not possible to balance online vs offline play. In all MMOs I have played, including Eve, almost all your assets are protected when offline and this is obvious as to why. When offline, special protection mechanisms must be in place or this game will only be for the people who can play 10 hours/day. This could be anything from planetary shields to super AI guardian fleets and it has to be rock solid as there is no MMO audience in the world that would accept that his shit gets destroyed/taken while he is offline.

100% agreement here as well. Beside for colony ships I see no use for 1/7 engines. I think they should be 2/6 to give you an alternative to the 3/5 engines.

All your interface suggestions are great. Developers please pay attention as the interface is giving me a mouse elbow due to the excessive click/misclick.

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This is one, long, post that I have read almost all of. Some very good points, and a lot that I concur on.
Hope you come back sometime, even if just to see how it has changed, although these type of games do take up a lot of ones “time”.

Very good post
Quite lone, but good one, i agree with most of it!
I have a few points to comment on, but I’ll do that later

seems my planet with 163 ods really pissed him off. i dont think that the defensive stuff should be changed since getting a planet to such a point requires millions upon millions of resources, takes a eternity to build and will likley require your planet to be only composed of power plants and ods leaving no space for anything else. i also want to add i crashed and lagged while you attacked, so i wasnet the only one with the disadvantage.

i wouldn’t say it really pissed anyone off. i actually quite enjoy that one person can put up such a good fight against an overwhelming attacker :slight_smile:

it gives me hope for the lonewolves if the game ever grows

yeah, that likely didnt piss him off, what might have would be the 24 docked dread fleets i unleashed at his damaged fleets trying to bomb me lol

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Not sure that pissed him off, either, tbh. But it was good fun minus the glitches, crashes, etc… haha

I absolutely pissed him off. I can screen shot his “I don’t know how you do something so it is cheating” baby rage. The TL;DR of his post is he got to number one on the backs of his allies now is leaving them in a lurch when the tide is starting to turn. No loss.


welcome to first post.
I know you fought well against him (than me^^), that was unexpected.
Even though I almost agree with you that he’d just attacked from the side strong enough to win and leave before a revenge without any loss, I want to pay much attention to his remarkable suggestion posted here.
After the unpleasant events (that is natural in any MMO where combat exists) I still play this game with fun not for the revenge.

the forum (or at least Feedback category) should be the place where we have good discussions rather than look back past wars.