So you've conquored a planet, now what?

So I just conquored my first planet in about 6 months and I’m starting to remember a number of things, first, the instant double population boarders on that accidental cheating considering its basically another planet begging the question of fairness which is a difficult question considering its apparently not lucrative enough for it being its own reason to wage a war, but as the game gets rolling, we should implement something related to this concept and should probably start that conversation now.

The next topic starts with this guy has 50 -60 t1 structures and 0 t2/3. It doesnt mean much to me; 24 minutes per structure is peanuts, but eventually we may wish to be able to convert structures from their original race to our own. This doesnt have much value now but hopefully, eventually, each race will have unique structures or grant their own structures a bonus of some sort. Again, something about exploits here, but maybe each structure should loose its race’s bonuses when conquored? In order for each race to convert a structure to their own, instead of upgrading the structure, they could convert it for the duration (and res?) equal to that structures’ most recent upgrade (1 hr for a lvl 2 mine and 5 for a lvl3 for example).

I started writing this 5 hours ago and had something else to mention but it seems to have slipped my mind, but feel free to resond with anything having to do with the aftermath of cnquoring a planet.

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If there is tech specific to the conquered civ it does not transfer to the player who conquered the planet. Prime example is Syntis temperature tech.

I disagree with allowing different civs to be able to upgrade another civs structure. You can dismantle, recover beron and rebuild for your civ.

I’m not talking about tech, I am talking about structures from that tech. Naturally a t3 climate station does not stop functioning or have it’s function reduced to 5% because the invader lacks the tech.

In addition, it is 100% fine for now that all of our structures are identical, but eventually, this should change, and a conversation about what to do with them should preceded their implementation.

Existing structures do not stop functioning because of invasion, you just can’t upgrade them beyond their current level. And I think this is appropriate unless they add another very high level tech for each civ that allows you to perform such an upgrade.

I am a bit lost, I am not sure we are talking sbout the same things. I suggest being able to convert someone else’s structure to yours by essentially redoing its most recent upgrade, not upgrading their structure.

You can convert it now, dismantle and rebuild. It should stay that way unless they add a high level tech (to the tech tree) to allow you to upgrade a different civ’s structure.

If I invade a different civ’s planet and it has a T3 SY and you want it to be T4, you should not be able to merely do the T3 upgrade again unless you have a high level tech that allows you to convert a say Mankind T3 SY to say a Ripchee T3 SY for a cost. (in theory different civ’s have different “technology (not the tech tree type)”). To acquire the other civ’s technology you need your own tech (the tech tree type) in order to make the conversion.

To get it to t4, you would have to do both t3 and t4 upgrades, its not exactly cheap, but it makes more sense than mankind using a t3 Ripchee SY to build t3 mankind fleets. Essentially the concept would be to replace someone else’s tech with your own without also have to knock down all the walls and rebuild them.

If the players need to research some tech to do it, other than having the tech of the parallel structure, I dont have any kind of opinion either way.

Technology between civs is not comparable would be the simple way to look at it. Tear it down and rebuild is most times a better option then trying to fix something you didn’t design and build.

Maybe devs need to add in failing infrastructure cost to captured buildings. You have increased upkeep costs or it crumbles away over time. Power plants might even explode resulting in a contaminated planet.

A cost to convert the current structure to be compatible with your own technology should be an option. All you are doing is stripping out the existing non compatible technology and retrofitting your own. An additional cost and time penalty for the “retrofitting” should be in place, but it should still be quicker than demolishing and starting from scratch.