So what should it be offering right now?


OK back to my nagging! Feed back folks, had several of the old hands give me some pointers of what there dissatisfaction are with the Wiki, lets take that a touch further. What do you think it should be doing for the game community?

  • I would like: Upgrading stats to be easier to find
  • I would like: More how to do “X” Guides
  • I would like: more detail on Technologies and their effects
  • I would like: more accurate details on Ships (Please specify in a comment)
  • I would like: more background on the Galaxy of Outscape
  • I would like: the Wiki made more user friendly (Please specify in a comment)
  • I would like: Something not listed here (Please specify in a comment)

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Please unless you have looked at the wiki in the last month refrain from “Oh its useless” or “it never has what I was looking for” comments.

Yes I know, I agree, why do you think I’m gonna take a punt at fixing that.

I just would like a direction from the greater community where to start and what you my peers think will make the most difference fastest. :slight_smile: Otherwise I’ll do whatever strikes my fancy and thats not always the best for the greater number.

Older players yes I know you have a lot of it in your head and “know” the way it works, great! How can that be translated to the Wiki pages for the (hopefully) hordes of players that will descend later. The Wiki is all our chances to leave a legacy of our Alpha experiences

Cheers! /Zath out


TBH, I’ve stopped looking at the wiki, because I think no information is better than inaccurate information.

Can we flag posts that haven’t been touched since A3 opened as potentially out-of-date?

Also, I do appreciate the effort being put into getting the wiki caught up. One of these days I’m going to make some time to help out with those efforts.

Alpha 3 Wiki: A call to Arms!

Categorically YES!

Each Wiki page has its own “Talk” hidden page only visible for those logged in with editing rights. Thats IDA & you me and anyone that signs up for it at present (Keep you in game name please to avoid confusion!)

On this page I have left many a “Helpful” and not always sarcastic note for Mel and gang :slight_smile:
If you see something wrong hit the “Talk” Tab and type in your comment/correction & save. There is even an Auto Signature button if you don’t want to remain semi anonymous :slight_smile:

Have at it Gridley!


I personally don’t have time to start looking at the wiki and Contributing. I would love to start steam guides on PR when the game is finalized. I would love to see more background and lore on some of the things in the Outscape Universe.


Totally understand this my friend. I get long swathes of utter boredom at work where I am minding the store as it were. Not every one can do that sure.

Jump in and USE it if you need to and in time some Steam guides would be Awesome sauce. I haven’t a clue how they are structured :wink:

Appreciate ALL feed back.


Thank you to all that have taken the time to reply thus far: Started with the top of the list: How does this work?
Type in “upgrading” int he Wiki search box and you should see this page
How does that work for folks? I have tried to tie into one place a jump list that should take you to any Upgrading data table currently released without you having to manually chase it down.

@joe @mel can Data tables be re worked to show ONE building and its upgrades then the next one and so on. By that I mean for example Beron Mines show the T1 T2 & T3 stats one line after each other instead of All T1 Mines of all types then All T2’s followed by all T3’s. Visually it allows folks to get to the Upgrading data a lot faster without being lost in a long table of near identical information.

AND… if you can add HTML Anchors (#) to the separate types of building a jump list like this will become ever so more efficient!


Definately details on technology. One of the most frustrating things in this game is wasting time on researching a useless item. Basically the majority of planetary structure upgrades are useless. Military bases for example. I would have loved to have this info before people waste time on them.


Right I see what your saying(I think) : If you could have looked up a tech and be led to a page that showed the stats of what you would get From that Tech you could have made a more informed decision on weather to spend the time researching it?

Ok so what I dong now is making small pages detailing the Tech description itself which then directly link to the page(s) that detail what that Tech allows you to build :Specifically their game stats where known.

Is that about right?