So what have we learned so far?

I draw my peers Attention to the following from the launch blog post:

We need new and existing players to help us determine if:

  1. Recent usability improvements have made the game significantly easier to play and understand (for new players in particular)
  2. The early game is more engaging and fun

So what do yo all think?

My short reply is:

  1. No, I see far too many questions and they are usually similar ones in general chat. But It has improved I’ll grant that.
  2. Yes, though a touch more encouragement to gain creds wouldn’t go amiss. The idea of a “Bounty on Pirates” seemed to be slightly the most requested when its come up while I was watching.

over you guys :slight_smile:

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Speaking as a brand new player,

Tutorial is good, doesn’t tell you everything but who wants to have the fun of learning taken away?
Between the tutorial, the forums, and chat I felt fairly well armed with knowledge as a new player, but still had to put in some work to get better.

I can’t obviously compare the early game of this galaxy to previous ones, but for myself when I remembered I was playing a “real time” game I felt like there was more I could be doing timing wise and felt less like I wasn’t doing enough “things”.

I think my biggest complaint would be not seeing historical data from my planet explorations. I like the idea that you don’t know who or what is over a world before you make orbit, but if I already scanned a system can’t I keep that data value just a reference?

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Interesting. So would something like a pop up with recommended “Daily” tasks have been useful do you think?

As for the lack of data after scouting a world: we’re all with you on that one!


I think something like that would have promise. Although I worry that it would become “click here/do this” type of list/task that I see to often in games. It would have to remain more of a reminder or suggestion. Feels like there needs to be a way to tell new players unfamiliar with the timed format to slow down and not try to do everything at once.

Glad I’m not alone there, genuinely feels punishing to a player (or at least me) when I realized I had no historical scan data without “vision”.

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  1. I would say people are able to grasp the very basics better, and there is A LOT more information, which I would say helps as well. Overall an improvement, but I don’t think we are there quite yet.

Issues with PMing, not able to PM people through general chat, easily contact people in general, alliance features (specifically inviting people in so that you can help them as a group), etc have had an impact as well. These tools will help the user experience.

  1. The early game there is a lot more to do, however, I feel like its almost a grind in some ways. We need more to do, but in a way that feels satisfying.

A - We need more ways to make money early game, Pirate Bounties would help, and I think whenever you take over a minor faction they should supply you with some resources as well. These races aren’t just going to be there without an economy of their own and some support.

I suggest that we get at least a few thousand credits or more, as well as some basic infrastructure on minor factions. This represents their society and what they have done so far without your help. Instantly make the game more gratifying with extra early income, and more satisfying when finding minor factions.


Both in-system speed and traveling from system to system. We might have more to do, but it is so slow…when it takes 2 mins to get from a planet to an asteroid this is like watching paint dry almost. We need at least a 50% boost to in system speeds.

We also need better speeds for Warp 1 and Warp 2, a lot of these bigger ships you get at T1 and T2 just can’t really used higher warp speeds because they take too much gas. Going to the next closest star system costs 10k Olzine for a single ship…That is too much, and taking 10-20 hours to get there is crazy.

For warp speeds, I suggest warp 1 go back to .75 LY per hour, and Warp 2 go to 1.5 LY per hour, this still fits within the linear nature of warp.

C - We need places, Points of Interest, where players can interact, and which create more content.

I am suggesting that these places act like Systems on the map, have different Icons, and be things like: Pirate Bases that generate low to mid level pirates to fight, Asteroid Fields that generate small to mid level resources, Wreckages that have survivors (based on the first person that opened them up) as well as resources and credits, Stellar Nursery/Black Hole/Ice Fields/Antimatter Explosions/Plasma Storm/Magnetic Clouds etc that have some kind of impact on ships and possible planets in the area.


Not only do we need to keep our data, but we need more things, like I posted above to explore. We also need more excitement in our current system, instead of just finding all these boring planets vs finding a minor faction, planets should have inherent bonuses or penalties above and beyond what we see here. Games like Stellaris and Sins of a Solar Empire (both 4X-RTS hybrids like this game) employ these bonuses, and really deeply add something to exploration.

Suggestion - (Literally taking these names right from Sins)

Dense Core - Gravity well around a planet is larger
Porus Core - Gravity well around a planet is smaller

Caustic Atmosphere - Penalty to growth (-10%) and +20% to building costs
Dust Storms - Penalty to growth (-20%)

Expert Agrarian Society - +10% to credit income
Ionic Storms - Penalty to growth (-20%)
Mega Fauna - Penalty to growth (-10%) increase credit income (+20%)
Natural Thermal Lift - Structure Build Rate Reduced (-20%)
Increased Heavy Metals - Increased Credit Income (+25%)
Weapon Test Facility - Ship Build Rate Reduced (-10%)

Hidden Cavern System - Found 20,000 of YOUR Race on planet
High Security Planet - Your race + enough infrastructure to support x1 T2 Orbital Defense system
Massive Pure Glaciers - Planet is considered to have 20% more water for the water to land/mass ratio
Penal Colony - Random Major Faction Organic Race with Syntis Controllers and Power Plants as infrastructure, Structure Build Rate Reduced (-25%), Structure Build costs (-20%)
Tundra Farms - Start with an extra Power Planet and 2 Farms, and enough of YOUR race to man them.
Helium Rich Atmosphere - Olzine Extracts +25% Faster, Double Olzine on Planet (or set it to 250,000), at least a 20% mining rate (or increased mining rate of 20% up to 99%).

Entertainment Hub - +1 Happiness on this planet, also a random Major Faction Organic Race with enough man power to support 5 Entertainment Centers, 1 Farm, and 1 Power Station.
Expert X Miners - Increases Beron, Farsu, Limbalt, or Ziryl mined on this planet by 20% (up to 99%, or gives it 20% with 250,000 deposit)
Pirate Outpost - Random Major Organic Faction with enough support for 5 Farsu Mines, 5 Ziryl Mines, 3 Power Planets, 2 Farms, 5 ECs, and a Level 1 Orbital Defense
Spice Trade - Increase income (+15%)

Pharmaceutical Flora - Planet Growth increase by 20% (for organics), and Income Increased by (+10%)


As this beta phase is my first, I cannot say if the early game is more engaging and fun, I have nothing to compare with.

For the 1st point, however, the answer is obvious : A “help” channel and you put a bot in it.

A bot is only a database that takes it’s input from the chat. You compare the strings ending with a “?” with the database, babysitting level SQL task. If the string is found, the bot gives the answer much faster than any human could.

Hard to make? No, as easy as breathing : you select “trusted” players and let them feed the database by PMing the bot using keywords. Of course the bot will speak as many languages as you have players for.

Of course if you have :
How do I make more credits?
How do i make more cradits?
Each sentence has to be fed. It starts slowly but gains power everyday.

In case of chat hyperspeed, you put the bot before the user’s input are sent to the chat, and PM the answers directly to the user, without showing to everyone if an answer was found.

You could even have the bot local, ie : on the user’s computer, but it would require a VERY large database for the language selected, or a “behind the scene” updating method.


I like the idea of having some sort of pop up for the first 7 days of play, so you set in stone the things to be checking every day. Hell after 2 years of play I still forget lol.

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I think it should be presented as an option to drop a “probe”. For a cost of 100 fuel, any ship can drop a probe (limit 1 per system), which gives in-system sight. The probe is a real object, though, and can be destroyed.

There has been discussions on a somewhat similar suggestion in the past. We used to use “scouts” for that purpose, but with fleet limits that were needed because of server overload that’s no longer feasible. A probe or buoy(other discussion) would possibly create the same situation. Also 100 fuel is way way to cheap if you want to know anything useful. Should be at least the cost of a bare bones scout or close.