So long and thanks for all the Farsu

Hi everyone, like to say I enjoyed the game and think it has some good directions, however with the micromanagement, my play style, and IRL tasks, I can’t continue to play the game in its current state. But before I go I’d like to throw out my thoughts as a new, albeit “demographically significant”, player.

"I’ll just stop in for a few minutes to tweak some planets…"
The time creep of this game is amazing. Much has to be done to make it easier to set things up and get on with our lives.

  • Commands queues have been suggested, and I feel this is more in line with the nature of the game. A more simple approach though would be to move the loot sender lower in the tech tree. Let’s say something achievable after 1 week so players learn the skill of ship and resource management, but don’t get buried in the task when they start managing multiple systems.
  • Governors are a great idea but I fired them all. Understandably it is a new feature, but just to put it out there, Power plants and farms should only be built as required, taxes lowered till happiness growth is the minimum positive value and Entertainment centers suggested/flagged but not built. Oh and also all the “build to…” options are disabled by default.

"click, click, click, click…"
A lot of clicking is required to retrieve information or to do simple repetitive task.

  • A “send all” button for each mineral when loading/unloading ships would do a lot for this.
  • Add a separate “info panel” on the side of the screen that displays more ship and planet info when hovering the mouse over an object, then the current popup method displays. This would also reduce the conflict of confusing the mouse focus when different objects and info are close together
  • pooling resources, and population when planets have a loot sender. Resources are already pooled, so might as well remove the clicking.
  • And why oh why is Boosted warp not enabled by default?

"‘Your fleet has encountered -----’, ‘You have won the battle’… That’s it!?"
Battles should be much longer to add some drama and allow setting up of reinforcements/supply lines.

  • Moving attacks to “Damage per Minute” would make battles last much longer (hours to days?) and allow players, who are not available to respond because of timing or RL situation, have a chance to rally resources and allies for a defence and a much more dramatic stand.
  • Allow for an allies list so multiple players can coordinate attacks, defense, and trade without attacking each other. Diplomacy and cooperative play is what makes these games worth playing. A lot would be gained be having the mechanics to support this.

That is about all I can think of in the way of functional changes. I haven’t slept much in the last little bit and drawing a blank at the moment. All in all, I did find the game enjoyable, and surprisingly full of features and capabilities for a “pre-beta”. However with the strain it puts on my time, I am going to have to sit out the rest of this round.

Sorry that I didn’t have a chance to get to know more of you better. I wanted to be more involved on the forum, but I found the game chewed up what time I had available to chat. I hope all goes well out there for everyone.

Ta Ta


Sad to see you go. Try the next iteration, it improves each time due to the community’s effort at providing feedback. I know it takes perseverance to work in a unfinished environment and isn’t for everyone. I’ve come close myself a few times, but it DOES continue to get better.

I wouldn’t mind some kind of Queue for fleets and i wouldn’t mind battles taking longer, but that would require them having abit more depth to them for there to be more player input even if it’s just having standard set orders that the player has set up, again basically a queue set up for given defined scenario’s, to justify that additional time which would also as you say allow for possible reinforcements.

sorry it’s not in a state that suits your current situation to play, but i can understand completely. some of us have more time, and/or more flexible time, or a combination of both. it also helps if your just stubborn as hell :slight_smile:

hope to see you back for later iterations of the game, drop by and check in when you get a chance.

There are several threads of discussion regarding “fleet” builds rather than just ship builds. And two fleets against one another is not a “full” battle. As you recall we spent almost 5 months at war with an opponent. Many battles occurred during various skirmishes and they most certainly weren’t over quick.

Pretty sure I disagree about making battles last longer. That’s a whole huge can of worms. Also puts attackers at a tremendous disadvantage as defenders will have an easier time throwing more and more ships into a fight, since their backup is probably a lot closer than yours.

But command queuing should be a priority feature. Ideally it would be like a simple scripting feature. Select ship. “Go here” -> “pick up all X” -> “go there” -> “drop all cargo”. Maybe even an option to put that on a loop. Programmable governors would be great too – “when [condition 1] and [condition 2] and [condition 3] do [action X]”.

But for sure this game needs command queues. The inability to queue up ship movement orders is a glaring hole right now (and the game itself even supports them, as witnessed when a ship has to go around a planet, but you can’t queue them yourself?)

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I concur with the quoted portion completely. As to the attacker being at a disadvantage i’m curious how? How much time are you thinking i mean for battles to take exactly? As it is the ATTACKER is by far at the advantage. They choose the place and time of engagment, and unless they are rather foolish they can bring a far larger force to bare on the defender with little to no warning.

Sure it’s possible a defender is on and is on the ball with their cloak detectors and notice your fleets incoming, but due to the vastness of space and the limits of ships scanner range/fleet limits to empire size etc etc chances are a patient/competent attacker may well be able to get his fleets within striking distance with you non the wiser and then streak in with their mine sweepers, assuming you have mines of course, and trail behind with the combat fleets. There may, or may not be, some corvette battles dependent on time zones and awarness on both attackers and defenders part. Still it the attacker is the one setting the stage. Detectors only operate for a couple of hours compared to cloaking devices working MUCH longer, and you have to be online manually searching and only see cloaked fleets if it happens to get in sensor range which leaves alot of empty space to hide in.

You can’t possible have enough fleets all in one spot to fend off a concentrated assault unless you have a SUPER tight empire which is seriously unlikely considering the likely hood of having found viable worlds in proper locations to make it work.

So there has to be some where in the middle. Am i saying defenders stand no chance? Nope sure not saying that, but the attackers have a number of advantages in their corner, and if it isn’t looking good they can just turn tail and run rather then waste resources if they happen to have run into a defensive situation they hadn’t anticipated.

You didn’t say how long battles should take but in order for both parties to have a fair chance at input you probably have to have them take in the area of 16 or 24 hours.

If a battle lasts, say, 1 hour, then most times only the attacker benefits at all. You hit me with a fleet. I’m not online (I might be asleep, or at work). You use that 1 hour window to manage what you want to do but as the offline defender I have no input, so this attack window only benefits the attacker who knows when the fight will happen and is online to check on it and manipulate it.

What I do think should be considered, though, is making fights take a little longer in order for scripted events to take place. You come into my system. I’m offline but I do have a defense fleet there (or maybe even at another system not too far away). You attacking me triggers a scripted event of my fleet moving to attack your fleet.

In this way, longer fights don’t necessarily translate into user input but does translate into giving scripted defense fleets time to arrive and fight.

(A scripted defense fleet might have orders to, say, engage all enemies spotted within the system provided the total sum of all nearby enemies is no stronger than [X%] of the defense fleet. So if a HUGE attack comes, my fleet stays put or maybe even has a script to run away but if it’s within some reasonable margin then it attacks.)

This. From yet another player you lost.

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The thoughts here on Battles are well made I think. The problem is we don’t actually have Battles… I mean really we have two set of Gunslingers face off and 100% fight to the death every time.

This is not a battle its a suicide run (for one party at least) My intial objectionto this unrealistic lunacy is here.

Then after that a few months ago [it was discussed] in more detail (Battles are just too fast) some general proper behaviour in ship to ship fights which would include an exchange of fire and then one side conceding the field before they were wiped off the face of the stars to reform their battle line a few LY closer to their home planets.

If that was in some way introduced then yes the attacker would gain ground but also the defender who was offline at the time of the attack can salvage and reorganise some defence from the ships that managed to pull back.

I submit battles are over in very few seconds and this is unsatisfying but rather than drag them out to hours a battle between player would better as a series of exchanges over a longer period. So there is a chance that they or their allies could see the early fights and respond to help but even if they did some ground will have been lost so the careful attacker does not feel short changed.

But automated fleets on patrol or responding to unfriendly incursions oh yes and Amen if we could have those even now would be a massive improvement!

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But this is coming soon, so folks need to have some patience. The game is evolving all the time. That’s why this game isn’t released as yet.

Right. They sent out all of their invites, from what I understand, so they’re committed to this ‘pre-beta’ or whatever they’re calling it.

And people are leaving.

Alliance/friend-foe/etc has been requested since mid-Alpha 2 from what I’ve been told by others. It’s not a new request. And as this former player explained, it’s “what makes these games worth playing”.

This I agree with, but it should all be automated / scripted. I don’t think an online player should have an even larger advantage against an offline player (by having direct input into battles) but I think it would be interesting to leave your fleets with some expanded orders on when or if they should retreat.

These “MMO Strategy” games pop up periodically and it’s a very hard game to design and get right (no one has done it yet) due to the nature of the 24/7 gameplay vs players who obviously are not online 24/7 or anything close to it. I think a really good scripting system is the only way to solve it.


hey everyone, took the morning off so have a bit of time to return to this; the forum, not the game.

I do intend on returning with the next round. I’m hoping things will get more playable as the game evolves.

Something that I’m sure the devs are aware of is that any server based game must first and foremost be profitable to survive. This requires attracting players with money and almost certainly with jobs. Add to this that the demographic for strategy games is older on average, family commitments are also thrown into the mix. So being able to accomodate infrequent players (ie only a few hours a day) is a must for a game such as outscape.

For the battles time, it all really depends on the match up. Pirate battles are probably good at 5 to 10 minutes; major fleet engagements should probably be hours to days. This can be mitigated as zathabar says by allowing fleets to automatically disengage/return home after a certain amount of beating.

This will give an advantage to the defender, but that is how it goes. There is always a “home team” advantage. Traditionally, invasions are only successful when an overwhelmingly large force is employed. Stretching out the time of encounters would not only create this fundamental aspect of war, it would lessen the advantage between the “always on” player and the infrequent player

ultimately I’m a bit out of my depth here as I have not been able to run a significant battle myself. Although at first blush, I would say they are disappointing to most people as they are currently implemented.

For the micromanagement side, the idea of scripting sounds fun, however I see it as being very complicated for both developers and players. A more simple, and common solution, is to be able to assign roles to different fleets ex: harvester, supplier, defender, unemployment bus :stuck_out_tongue:, etc…

All in all, lots of good suggestions have been made already around this. The devs have put together a pretty verbose game already, but lots of tweaks are still required, at least for us “infrequent” players. I wish the devs the best of luck in sorting it all out.

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This is possible now. The war I was in at the end of A3 lasted 5 months before we ended it out of frustration with the lack of some alliance features to allow coordination and some significant client error bugs. Doubt it would have ended anytime soon if we hadn’t ended it.

And yes the opponent had home field advantage. The one system they invaded was only partially successful. They could occupy it but not assault the planet. It was defended to the point it was impossible to take.

sounds interesting, although anything being called off out of frustration is not good either. Alliance support would get things really hopping on both sides.

Btw, right now everything is based with a limited duration/galaxy reset because of alpha/beta changes, but is this the plan for the final release?

If we had the minimal we should get soon, we would have been able to continue. I would anticipate the final release of the primary galaxy to remain, with updates to it via a patch. We start over with each Alpha because of overly significant changes in the start up of the galaxy. As in A3 vs Pre Beta, the spawn of homeworld systems is much closer than it was in A3. And the method of expanding the galaxy hadn’t been tested, it is being tested in pre-beta. The “entire” galaxy spawned all at once in A3. Here is is being layered as the need arises.