So I did a silly thing

Well I was getting ready to abandon a forward base world and as such was tearing down the few structures I had set up with the idea of the T1 Shipyard and its attendant Power stations being the last to go.

Well I had just set the fleet in orbit to “Upgrade” to the latest models of their classes of ships when I turned to transfer the barrack’s remaining troops to the assault frigate in the fleet (That Frigate was not upgrading)

Well as I had a secondary Pop I hadn’t clocked the fact that those troops were pretty much the only citizens of mine still on planet! Yes you guessed it the planet went independent… Doh!

But here’s the bug… ALL THE SHIPS UPGRADING three of them! Carried on and finished upgrading just fine. Despite the fact there was no longer a shipyard there at that planet!

Hence the bug report.

My carelessness cost me some 2.5K Credits which I coulda gotten back from dismantling the shipyard but at least we learned something yes?.. :crazy_face::rofl::crazy_face:

Thanks for reporting, I’ve created a bug for it. It’s similar to the situation where ships upgrading/constructing continue to do so while the shipyard itself is being upgraded.

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