So how long is time?

Interesting question came up in chat today:

“How long is Time (to scale) in the Outscape universe.”

Well we know how long it takes to build a space ship in the Outscape universe lets take a small warship like a destroyer. Well near as I can figure flat out it could be done in 18 months back in 1985, so looking at the Larger ships from the peoples realm we get about 9 hours. Which makes a Nice equivalency of six real world weeks = one Outscape hour.

so 24 hours in game = roughly a little over a year.

How does that sound to everyone else? Who wants another go at estimating time scale for our citizens :slight_smile:

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I’m sure I’ve seen this conversation and someone calculated it out somewhere.

I feel like that is too fast. The chief determinant of the timescale is the travel time between stars. Too fast and you can get molested overnight while you sleep, and too slow and you get bored exploring the galaxy.

Its a complicated thing really, minefields mitigate the hit and run…

I think we worry a little too much about this sometimes. If the game suffers from an imbalance then there are devices that can be used to alleviate pressure in certain aspects of the game,

Such as if speed between our systems is too slow then at a later date we could have the ability to gate to another system, limit it by distance so the furthest you can gate is say 50 LY so to get from A to B you mi9ght have to hop across 5 systems. This gate might be equivalent of a warp 10 gate… and have a cool down of 2 hours per use… point is there are ways and means of being able to remove obstacles without wholesale speed changes… wholesale changes generall upset on side of the balance usually.

Yea, this is a suitable equivalent. I have not played with the minefields yet, so I am just gauging off of past experience in MMORTS games.

No, they still don’t really unless you stack the minefields in anticipation of the opponent sending multiple sweepers. I think everyone is aware of my feelings on the having separate types of minefields for “owned” system minefields vs tactical minefields so I won’t reiterate that again.

I anticipate 2 months into the next iteration a massive backlash regarding minefield “usefulness”.

And by that I mean I will just walk through an opponent and destroy them rapid fashion… Man I feel arrogant today :joy:

You could just beef up planetary defenses. This will counter-act small resource hit-and-runs, but will not prevent large fleet surprise attacks.

Late game planet defense is probably to strong now on large planets.

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Correct, a properly defended planet that’s at least 18k or higher is close to impossible to take.

Without changes to ground combat AND/OR Orbitals and their interaction with ground combat/space combat i think you are correct. Orbital defenses would need to be an actual attackable thing that youd have to widdle down and make inoperable, FOR A RELATIVLY SHORT TIME, to allow for orbital bombardment.

The only way i see to attack larger DEFENDED planets is to first bombard them to reduce number of militia and possibly barracks along with defensive ground troops. The time it takes to pull off an orbital strike is TOOOOOO long. No fleet could survive long enough to get off a single shot let alone enough ordinance to have any meaningful impact on a planet prior to invasion.

Perhaps taking a planet should be a 2 step process, meaning you can’t even attempt an invasion until phase 1 is complete. Phase 1 being clearing Fleets AND Damaging orbital defenses. Could be seen as clearing the OUTER defensive perimiter which is essentially what damages ships, and once this is accomplished troop ships can come in to drop off troops who have to manage to survive atmospheric reentry which has ground defenses too entrenched/hard to locate for easily taking them out thus troops still take a hit when landing.

just a thought.

You can’t just death star the planet?

Should be an option at some point yes if I had my way:

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Given the length of time it takes for a planet to go from zero to fully operational (although this is with an immature empire), I think obliteration of a planet should be a legitimate option. You could also go so far as to allow players to obliterate their own planets in a kind of scorched earth war.

They need to adjust the timer for orbital bombing, right now it is way too long. Should be able to withstand being in orbit long enough to bomb, but still take significant damage and possibly be destroyed, but not guaranteed destruction with no chance of surviving.

But procedurally, the steps you indicated are correct and that’s a “procedure” that you’d decide to follow, not controlled by the game.

Also remember, the assault is no longer decided when the timer starts, but when it ends, so the defender can send in more defense troops before it’s over.

AND this discussion should be under it’s own topic lol and included in feedback.