So erm Humm Hows this supposed to work then?

Well just comleted a second raid/steal operation in the SKirmish Galaxy and have come to the conclusion that somethings not right here:

According to the Wiki ( I quote:

Every failed attempt will result in casualties among the marauders. This number is random, because no one really can predict all of the consequences. You could lose every last trooper or just one unlucky guy :slightly_smiling_face:

Now that was the announcement text I copied myself to make the start of the Wiki Guide. But I can now report after making two raids my assault Frigate that led them hasn’t lost a single furry trooper. Now I think the reported random number to be silly as it should be proportional to the defence not fully random but there is NO WAY I got off scot free twice in a row unless its Bugged.

Now I really like this mechanic - or at least the principle of the mechanic but with this in addition to the heap of refinement it needs it really seems not to be working even in its proto type form based on my recent experiences?

Anyhow anyone else tried this? Can I get a confirm for the Bug forums. In case its just me or just Skirmish I thought I’d post this here before calling it a bug.

Shouldn’t there be at least some casualties in a successful raid too?

At least one one time I woulda thought yes hence me thinking there is a Bug in here someplace I am just not sure exactly how yet so wanted other folks to post their own experiences OR try it themselves

Anyhow just tried it a third time… Sucess! No casualties nor did I quite get a full cargo load either (?) So currently 4th raid is in progress see if I can get the last 121 tons of something